Talking Pets 9th Feb 2017

Talking Pets this week included A Street Cat Named Bob, Working Dog Rescue, Valentine Pets and ahemmm… smelly dogs (yes, flatulence)! And so much news about pets, as well as pet owner Q&As. Listen here…

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

Your Pet, Your Valentine
Valentine’s Day is nearly here and pet owners like to spend on their pets for this special day. Many even prefer to spend the day with their pet than their partner! We gave some suggestions as to pressies you could buy your pet or a pet loving partner for this special occasion. Listen to your show to hear our suggestions…
Show podcast

Australian Working Dog Rescue

Working dogs can be difficult for many people to manage. They need exercise. They need a job. And what do you do with a working dog when they retire. Australian Working Dog Rescue foster and fine homes for Aussie working dogs like Kelpies, Cattle Dogs and Border Collies. We spoke with Carey Edwards…
Working dogs

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When Will I Be Loved?
Animal Welfare League NSW have a special on this weekend. Adopt an adult cat on February 11th and 12th and you’ll only pay $50. Plus if you take a bonded adult pair, they’ll still only cost you $50.
Cats available include:

  • Snowball, a 7 year old white cat
  • Miller, a ginger and white boy who is almost one year old
  • Migadoo, a one year old tabby girl who will make a great indoor cat

Animals are available at Ingleside and Kemps Creek shelters. More info here.


A Street Cat Named Bob
This movie is a must see for all pet lover. How one ginger cat can save a life. And he busks too! And catches the bus. Here more about this movie from Macquarie Events Stephen Kroon, owner of 4 cats himself!
A Street Cat Named Bob podcast


Smelly Dogs
Does your dog have a pong? An odour that’s not too pleasant? Does their flatulence clear the room?!! David and I spoke with Greencross vet Dr Nick Taylor about the causes of this common canine issue (and it can affect cats too!)
Smelly dog podcast

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Killer Cat Virus
A nasty cat virus is infecting Sydney cats right now and many cats in the Western, and now northern suburbs, are dying from this feline panleukopenia (feline enteritis). We spoke with Professor Vanessa Barrs from the Univeristy of Sydney about the spread of this disease and how we can prevent it in our pet cats…
Cat virus podcast

More from the Show
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And, of course, listener Q&As…

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