Talking Pets with Dr Jo and David Prior this week including lots of training talk. Our special guest was Ryan Tate, animal trainer, who helped us answer lots of listener questions. And we also asked if you are a pet parent?!

Listen to entire show 8th Dec 2016

Many, if not most, pet owners now consider themselves as pet parents! Is this you? And are you willing to spend as much money as it takes to keep your pet happy? We spoke with Dr Bronwen Slack from pet retailer PETstock about their latest survey into the minds and actions of pet owners.
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Pet Problems Solved
Your questions this week included how to cope with thunder storms, dogs who fret when left alone, working on a recall with your dog, using food-releasing toys #dogsbowlsareout and more.

When Will I Be Loved
Our pet of the week is Princess, available at Dogs Homes of Tasmania, Hobart branch. More info here.

Listen to Talking Pets 8th Dec 2016


  1. Dear Doc Jo

    I realise you specialise in dogs and cats, but is it possible to have some information on budgies? I have an adorable “budgie rescue” bird, but have a problem with her biting.

    Thank you


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