An action packed show with info about dog apps, helping disadvantaged people with their pets, where to stay with your dog and even s.s.s.snakes! And, of course, help for your pets and their problems. Join Dr Jo and David Prior as they are Talking Pets…

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

DogLogBook is a new app that can help track your dog’s health and behaviour. This will help you monitor your dog’s fitness and compare them to other dogs and also let your vet know that your dog is healthy. We spoke with Prof Paul McGreevy from the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Sydney about his research group’s new app DogLogBook
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Pet Stay Advisor
It can be difficult to know what to do with your pets when you are going on holiday. And some people even need care on a daily basis. Pet Stay Advisor is a site that reviews accommodation and care for pets and rates them on a 1-5 paw scale. We spoke with Sharon Shaw from Pet Stay Advisor

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Pet Stay Advisor on Talking Pets


Lending a helping paw with Project HoPe
Homeless people, people coping with domestic violence, people on low incomes – all can find it difficult to care for their pets. One Sydney veterinary surgeon is lending a helping paw. Dr Sam Kovac of Southern Cross Vet Clinic chats with us about how his project has helped people in need and how you can help too…
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S.s.s.snake Boss
Love snakes or hate them, whatever your view, people are fascinated with these slithery creatures and a new series of Snake Boss will be starting soon on Animal Planet. Star of the show, snake catcher, and one of only a handful of females snake catchers in Australia, Julia Baker came into the studio to chat to us about her life with snakes. If you need tips to get rid of snakes or ideas on what snakes to keep as pets, listen here…

Snake Boss

Snake Boss on Talking Pets

When Will I Be Loved

Our Pet of the Week this week is actually two little pets. These two kittens are 9 weeks old and were found dumped in a building site. They are now at Vetmed Randwick awaiting their new owners. The gorgeous black & white boy is very playful and his white & tabby brother is quite vocal. If you would like to play with or chat to these two kitties, please contact Vetmed.

Pet of the Week on Talking Pets

I hope you enjoy Talking Pets this week. Give your pets some love from us!

Listen to Talking Pets 6th Oct Entire Show


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