Talking Pets 5th Jan 2017

Our first Talking Pets radio show of 2017! We have so many interviews with pet people and their businesses, giveaways and you are sharing your gorgeous pets with us. Thank you for joining us 🙂

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Chilli dog enjoys her Xmas time with tummy rubs from visiting children. 

We’re back for 2017! And we love that you are sharing your pets and their behaviour with us. Lots of you told us about your pets and it’s not too late – you can still place a picture of your pet on our facebook page…

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

Let your dog lite up
Walking your dog in the dark can be dangerous. Most of us choose not to do it at all and, if we do, we would not dare let our dog off the lead. Dog Lite solves this problem with their range of LED accessories for pets. We spoke with co-founder of Dog Lite Chris Jones…
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Plus, we have a special deal for listeners of Talking Pets – a 20% discount on any Dog Lite products. Just enter the code ‘DrJo’ when you purchase.

Snuffle with your Fur Legged Family
We all love our fur legged family members and this website is a new concept in pet shopping. It’s goods made by you, for pets and their owners and it helps rehome pets while fundraising. What a great concept. You can find out more from Bill Powers
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Pet Guardians
Are you a senior? With a pet? Many older people would love to have a pet but are just not sure that they can cope with the vet bills and other expenses. Pet Guardians is a not-for-profit organisation, set up to aid elderly Australians through their online store. We chatted with Dr Peter Brown, founder of this charity and vet at Pet Doctors.
Pet Guardians podcast

When Will I Be Loved?
Our Pet of the Week comes from Animal Welfare League in Queensland and is a beautiful silver tabby named Reggie. Reggie loves a pat behind the ears but would prefer to keep his four paws on the ground.He has been looking for his new owners for over 100 days now. Can you help? More info at or

Pound Paws
Ever wanted to choose a new pet and just don’t know where to begin? Social media has changed the way we choose our pets and Pound Paws is helping rescue pets find their new homes. A registered charity, they display animals available for adoption at pounds all across Australia and we spoke with their founder Brittany Bloomer…
Pound Paws podcast

Hermit Crabs
When you are looking for an alternative pet, then a hermit crab or two may be just the thing. Giving hours of viewing pleasure, easy maintenance and an app that can encourage your kids to look after these tiny creatures by themselves, what’s not to love about hermit crabs. The Krabooz is a hermit crab system and we spoke with India Bent all about it…
Krabooz podcast

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Thanks to Sydney Cat Cafe for passes to Cats on Mats yoga sessions and to Fur Legged Family for a snuffler to give away to lucky listeners.

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