Get your Purple Poppy for Remembrance Day. Zeppee!! The app that helps you find your missing pets. How to help your pet’s anxiety and lots of your stories about your pets/

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

Your pets
It was lovely this week to hear from so many of you about your pets. From anxiety cases to tales (tails!) about your furry family members, it is always lovely to hear how many people love their pets. Listen to our podcast.

Great name! But what it is? Zeppee is a z tag that you put on your pet and when you download the app, your pet can be returned home to you, should it go missing. Australia’s official pet connector. We spoke with Ben Burton, fofunder of Zeppee.
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Zeppee pet tags on Talking Pets

Purple Poppies
Friday 11th November is Remembrance Day and while we pause to remember our war heroes, we should also ‘paws’ to remember the animals of war. RSL Defence Care are helping us do this and have purple poppies available for us to purchase and wear. We chatted to Robyn Collins, General Manager, about the important role animals had and still have in war, including Sarbi, the explosive detection dogs that served in Afghanistan. And hear David’s Pop’s story – get your tissues! Get your poppy here and share your photos wearing your purple poppy with hashtag #poppies4pets.
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When Will I Be Loved?
Our pet of the week is Lucky. Well, she will be lucky when she find her new home. Lucky is from SAFE (Save Animals From Euthanasia), over in Western Australia. Lucky is located in Broome at present but may be able to travel to her new home. She is a little curvaceous right now so needs an owner who knows the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. She loves cuddles, so is going to make a great pet.

Pet of the week on Talking Pets

Check out more animals needing homes at Animal Welfare League Australia.

Clix Car Safe Dog Harness
We simply ran out of time for more interviews this week, as we had so many callers. Perhaps they were all keen to get their paws on our giveaways this week! We had several Clix Car Safe Dog Harnesses to give away to callers. These keep your pet safe in your car – very important! They are distributed by Purina in Australia

Clix Car Safe Harness on Talking Pets

We also had several Pets magazines to give away, so every callers received a prize. Tune in to our future show to win something for you and your pets.

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