Talking Pets 2nd March 2017

Talking Pets with Dr Jo & Suzy… chatting about pets in australia, incredible pet stories, how real estate can rescue dogs and those ever-popular cat videos! Enjoy 🙂

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

Incredible Dog Journeys
Some dogs simply go missing and travel long distances from or back to their homes. Others take their owners with them on a journey. Incredible Dog Journeys follows the adventures of dogs and all are inspirational. Laura Greaves has written this collection of real ‘tails’ about dogs in her book Incredible Dog Journeys, published by Penguin…
Dog Journeys Podcast


Pets in Australia & Rabbit Calicivirus  Advice
Pets are more popular than ever in Australia. While dogs, cats and exotic animals are growing in numbers, birds and fish are declining. We spoke with Dr David Neck, spokesperson for the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) about the latest trends in pet ownership and also about the release of the rabbit calicivirus and what you can do to protect your pet rabbit.
AVA podcast

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Pets of the Week
When will Bluey be loved?
Bluey is a 9 year old red Kelpie who love to play ball but also loves a scratch behind his ears. He is an active dog who needs an active owner and then he’ll work for you!
Bluey,, and lots of other dogs just like him,  is at the Animal Welfare League, Queensland, at the Gold Coast, Coombabah shelter.
More info here



Real estate rescuing pets!
When you sell your home, usually you remove all evidence of pets. Yet, pets make a home! Jessie Wilcox, on the Gold Coast, realises this and now features pets in his real estate photos. Not only that but he is helping Animal Welfare League Qld find homes for rescue pets. Admirable!
Real estate with pets podcast


Cat Dentist
We love cat videos! That’s official but it takes a lot to make a video go viral. This is what happened to Elahn Zetland’s video of his cat Cookie, who just happened to be checking out his owner’s mouth.  A cat dentist! We spoke with Elahn, who is waiting on bringing his cats Cookie and Biscuit to Australia from Israel.
Cat Dentist podcast
Cat Dentist has now had over 30 million views and you can watch it here…


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