Talking Pets 29Sept16

Talking Pets 29th Sept 2016

Talking Pets features myself, Dr Jo, and David Prior at Talking Lifestyle (2UE) radio. We chat every Thursday evening for two hours and bring you the latest news about pets, travel and pet tech features, and answer your pet questions. It’s fun and it’s interesting and it’s a show for you – the pet lover.

Talking Pets 29Sept16

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

Talking Pets:
Do you talk to your pet? Most pet owners do talk to their pets and research shows that talking to our pets can be good for us. So what do you say to your pet?

Dog Winery Tours
Take your dog on a trip to the Victorian wineries. Dogs and wine sounds like a perfect combination. Your dog will be pampered while you sip on a couple of vinos and have lunch. Or, if wine’s not your thing, you could watch a movie together. Gourmet Pawprints, and its founder Kerry Watt, can even help you plan a wedding!
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pets and wine on talking pets

Pet Taxi Service
Sometimes we cannot drive, yet we need to transport our pets and public transport just does not cater for pets. A pet taxi could be the answer. We spoke with Janet Porter from Porters4Pets about the services that they provide around Sydney.
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pet taxi service

Pet humanisation and pet retail trends
Are you willing to spend anything on your pet? It seems we are these days and perhaps that is even helping our pets live longer. We spoke with Karen Justice from Just For Pets about the latest retail trends.
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Pet humanisation

Ticks be gone
Paralysis ticks are a real problem in Australia and they are even spreading as far south as Melbourne! Dr Lisa Chimes, emergency veterinarian and Bondi Vet chats to us about prevention and the latest preventative treatments for pets including *NexGuard, the once a month beef-flavoured chew that protects dogs against both fleas and ticks and Frontline Spray for protection in cats.

*Unfortunately, no further giveaway products are available but stay tuned for more giveaways in future shows

When Will I Be Loved
Our Pet of the Week this week is Noelle (affectionately known as Nellie). Noelle is a one year old white and black cat who loves other animals. You can read more about her here and any enquiries should go to Animal Welfare League NSW Ingleside Shelter on 02 9910 7062. Here is Nellie in her foster home, playing with the family dog…

I hope you enjoy Talking Pets this week. Give your pets some love from us!

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Listen to Talking Pets 29th Sept Entire Show
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  1. My cat, who is a rescue cat(she was abused.) has been with me for just over a year now.she has a beautiful personality and had settled in very well. The problem is that she pees anywhere except her litter tray.She poos in there though.any ideas?

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