Fun with a Cat Translator! Be Tick Safe. Flea products to give away. Good Dog Film Festival. Potty Plants! PetCloud and more…

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

Cat Translator
What fun we had 🙂 This week we had Cat Translator device in the studio. This device is attached to your cat’s collar and translates your cat’s meows into English. Yes, really! Well we had it on in the studio and it not only responds to meows but also to our talk and laughter. Causing even more laughter! Listen and you’ll hear it talking! And David and I laughing!

Lucky cat translator on talking pets

You can win one of 100 cat translators. Just listen to the show for details.

Potty Plant
Potty Plant’s Dog Toilet Specialist, Julia Sakr told us about her delivery service of real grass for our pooches. Great for apartment living or those who are less able to get outdoors. More about Potty Plant.

Pet Supplies, Food & Accessories Online

Be Tick Safe
Having one tick episode too many with my pets, I wanted to tackles paralysis ticks at the source and so called Tick Safe to eradicate ticks from my garden. We spoke with founder Simon Harvey about his Tick Safe and the Mozzie Team business. Simon also recently wrote this article for me.

Good Dog International Film Festival
Love a good dog film? Then the Good Dog International Film Festival is for you. Anny Slater tells us about what movies we can expect this year and about the charity that will benefit from the proceeds. Find out more on this week’s Talking Pets.
Good Dog Film Festival on Talking Pets

Do you worry about your pets when you are away from them? Then you may need a pet sitter. One who comes to your home or one who mind your pet in their home. Find a sitter that suits you in the PetCloud or become one yourself. We spoke with Deborah Morrison on Talking Pets.
Pet Cloud on Talking Pets

Other items

Purina Total Care Flea product giveaway – listen to the show to find out how you can win
Cat survey – Cat owners, can you complete this survey
Pet census – Pet owners, complete this Petplan survey
Dogs & the placebo effect
Dreaming dogs
Top Ten Pets for Kids
Pet Q&As

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