Snake bites the expert. Dogue couture & spa for dogs. Preparing your pet for surgery and Dr Zoo skincare for pets. Another fascinating mix of topics for the pet lovers on Talking Pets with Dr Jo Righetti & Jono Coleman, on Talking LIfestyle…

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

Does your dog wear designer gear? Well, even if they are not a bling lover, then you may still like to take them to a doggy day spa. We spoke with CEO of Dogue, Margaret Hennessy, about the expansion of Dogue around Australia and some of the ‘couture’ products and services available.
Dogue podcast


Snake bites the snake expert!
Love snakes or scared of them? Dr Robert Johnson is a vet who specialises in treating wildlife,, including snakes, even deadly ones such as the Eastern Brown Snake. Imagine his shock when he was bitten by this venomous reptile. We spoke with Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) PResident Dr Robert about his experience.
Snake podcast

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Preparing your pet for surgery
Many pet owner worry when their pet has to go into veterinary hospital for surgery. Whether it is an emergency or even a routine procedure, such as desexing or teeth cleaning, it is understandable that we should get a little anxious about our furry family members. We spoke with Greencross vet Dr Nick Taylor about what we can do to help or pets.
Pet surgery podcast

P.S. Duran Duran member was not Nick Taylor 🙂

Dr Zoo: Skincare for pets
Many of our pets are sensitive to ingredients in products we use on them. Dr Zoo has a natural range of products, including shampoos, conditioners and creams which are also lickeable! We spoke with Gabby Ruiz, CEO and Founder of Dr Zoo.
Dr Zoo podcast


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