Talking Pets 23rd Feb 2017

What’s a Supervet? Listen and find out… Plus, pets at work, pets on holiday and pets in dementia care. Talking Pets 23rd Feb 2017

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

The Supervet
Just what is a Supervet? Well, think bionic limbs, think orthopedic surgeon. Think loads of heart. Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, from Fitzpatrick Referrals in the UK sees pets which are difficult cases and tells their stories through the Supervet Series, showing on SBS here in Australia (and on Foxtel). It’s a must watch for pet lovers. I spoke with the bionic vet himself, Noel about his life and work…
Supervet podcast
The Humanimal Trust


When Will I Be Loved?
Our Pet of the Week is Salem, a beautiful black, with a little white, cat, currently at Animal Welfare League NSW. He’s a 2 year old and very playful and inquisitive. He’s missing his buddy who recently got adopted and needs a home of his own. Salem can be a little bit too much fun at times, so needs an understanding owner who can teach him to play nicely.
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Pets at Work

Pets at Work: Saffy, Circus Act Producer
It’s great to have your pet at work and this dog has a rather unusual job, as a circus act producer. You can read more about Saffron here. We spoke with her owner Debbie Wilks about Saffy at work…
Saffron podcast

Pets at Work: Get fit with Romeo
Ever worked out with a dog? It’s not common for gyms to have pets involved but Romeo is one dog who loves to join in. He accompanies his owner Vicky Lanini, and loves meeting all the clients…
Romeo podcast

Pets on Holiday
Do you love to take your pet/s with you on holiday? To help you decide where to go and how pet-friendly properties rate, we spoke to author of Pets on Holiday Gareth Brock.
Pets on Holiday Podcast

Older Australians with Pets

Group Homes Australia is a home that looks, feels and smells like a normal home, for those with dementia or older Australians. Each house has 6-10 residents, who are encouraged to bring in their pets from their own homes. Currently they have dogs at one of the houses and chickens as pets at another house. The residents pat the dogs and chickens and help care for them giving them a sense of purpose and helps people with dementia.We spoke with Tamar Krebs, the founder.

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Group homes with pets podcast

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Exotic pet names

And we asked the listeners if they had unusual names for their pets…

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