On this week’s Talking Pets we discover what the latest, greatest and award winning pet products and services are, how to avoid puppy factory puppies, all about breeding and showing cats and how one dog is making the difference to many teenage boys lives.

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

Dr Alex discusses pet obesity
How do we battle the bulge in our pets? Just like humans pets are often overweight and Dr Alex Camilleri, from Vetmed, helps us understand just how we can help our pets lose a little weight. Plus we hear all about her pets.
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Battle the bulge with your pets

Pet Industry Awards
We all want to know what the future of pet care is and what products and services are new and/or best for our pets. This week is the annual pet industry trade expo, complete with new product showcase and awards. We spoke with Mark Fraser, CEO of Pet Industry Assocation of Australia (PIAA)
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Cat chat
Love cats? The you’ll love listening to Brian and Bambi Edwards, the power pussycat couple, who probably do more with and for cats in Australia than anyone else. Brian heads up ANCATS, Australian National Cats and Bambi is a breeder and international cat judge. We chat about Australian cats
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The dangers of buying pets online
Puppies born and reared in puppy factories are often subject to many health concerns and are inadequately socialised, leading to lifeslong issues for their owners. Potential pet owners are often unknowingly purchasing one of these pups when they buy online. RSPCA CHief Inspector David O’Shannessey tells us how to avoid puppies from puppy factories.
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Pets at Work

My Pet: Juvenile Justice Dog Bella

Bella is a very special rescue dog, whose job, with her owner Grace Viera, is to help boys at Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre. Learn how Bella inspires…
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Juvenile Justice dog Bella with Grace Viera on Talking Pets

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Taking your dog to work could really cotton-on
Pet-friendly workplaces keep employees happy and even more productive. Many businesses promote a Take Your Dog to Work Day but at Cotton On, every day is a dog day. We chat with Tahlia Weston about their dog-friendly office.
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Cotton On to pets in the workplace

When Will I Be Loved

Our Pet of the Week this week is Shere Khan, a 6-year-old ginger and white male cat. Shere Khan loves to sleep! When he’s awake, he will happily potter around your home and play games. He is a big smooch-ball. He is currently at Animal Welfare League South Australia, Edinburgh North Shelter. Shere Khan comes behaviourally assessed desex, microchipped, flea and worm treated, vaccinated and health checked and only costs $50.

Pet of the Week on Talking Pets

There are also health and behaviour Q&As on Talking Pets this week. Enjoy and tune in next week. Give your pets some love from us!

Listen to Talking Pets 20th Oct Entire Show

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