Talking Pets 1st Dec 2016

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to think about pets in need. Also how to choose a puppy responsibly, should that be your Xmas gift of choice. And washing your dog made easy!
Here are Chilli dog and I letting everyone know what’s on this week’s show…

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

Aussie Pooch Mobile
Washing your dog could not be easier these days. With this mobile dog-washing company, your pooch will be bathed, groomed, even have some aromatherapy treatments! And if you fancy a change in career, this could be the business for you. We speak with Mark Welham from APM
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Aussie Pooch Mobile on Talking Pets

Pets4Life with tips for buying a puppy
When you get a pet, you want it to be for life. Pets4Life is a website and business that helps you choose the pet that suits you, your family and your lifestyle. Cathy Beer, founder of Pets4Life joins us to chat about their E-guide with tips for getting a puppy.
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Give a Dog a Bone and Keep Kitty Happy
Do your pets have everything they could possibly need? And do you buy them even more at Christmas? Well, spare a thought for those pets who don’t have anything. Better still, buy them a little gift. Nicola Addison started the Give a Dog a Bone appeal 10 years ago and now there are 19 participating organisations and many drop off points around Sydney, where you can drop a treat or a toy for a dog or cat in need.
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Give a Dog a Bone Kee Kitty Happy


When Will I Be Loved?
Our Pet of the Week this week is from Sydney’s Western Suburbs branch of Animal Welfare League. Georgie is a gorgeous 8 week old ginger and white kitten who is affectionate and full of personality. You can find out more about Georgie here or Listen to our podcast

Pet of the Week on Talking Pets

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