Cat yoga! Cat style! But it’s not all about cats. We chat about your pet issues and about what pets mean to you. Does your pet understand your emotions?

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:


Cats on Mats

David and I attended the recent Cats on Mats kitty yoga session, a pop-up event run by Sydney Cat Cafe. We chatted with Veronica, owner and organiser about how she is helping rescue kitties find homes and all about this wonderful event.
Cats on Mats podcast

Cat style
Love to have a stylish home? Then fill it with less-than-stylish pet products. Now D&C Lifestyle offer a range of products for pets and their owners that are not only functional but add style to your home. Your cat will love them…
Cats on Mats podcast

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When Will I Be Loved?
Our Pet of the Week is Donald, a gorgeous white cat who is available from Animal Welfare League NSW, at Ingleside, with or without his brother Derek. More info here.

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