We talk turkeys, we talk snakes, we talk rabbits and, of course, we talk about cats and dogs. And… oh how embarrassing our pets can be! 

Talking of embarrassing, even my call out for your embarrassing stories had Chilli dog licking my face and catching flies!

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

Craig Bennett and his pet snakes
Snakes may not be the pet for everyone but they are the pet of choice for showbiz journalist Craig Bennett. He tells us just why he loves his pythons and how easy a pet they can be.
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Dogs on Trains
Sydney people may love pets but are we are pet-friendly city? Charlotte Gibbon would like to challenge our public transport system and allow dogs on trains. What are the pros and cons? Can you make a change by signing her petition to allow dogs in the back carriage of Sydney trains.
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Opera House Cat Video Festival
We all love watching cat videos but imagine watching the best ever feline films at the iconic Opera House. We all can thanks to BINGEFEST and curator William Brayden. Some of you may recognise Will from his famous cat Henri Le Chat Noir. Listen to our podcast for more details of how you can get tickets to this free event at the Opera House on Dec 18th 2016.
Cat Video Festival

Rabbit Rescue
Rabbits can be really good pets and even better when you rescue one. Kim Cooney runs The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary and she has over 100 bunnies to rehome at present. She chats to us, sitting with her chocolate bunny! Consider a rescue bunny for your next pet at Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary.
Cat Video Festival

Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary on Talking Pets

When Will I Be Loved?
Move over cats and dogs, our pet of the week is… a turkey! Miss Gobble Gobble is at Animal Welfare League NSW and she will make a great pet for fowl loving pet lovers. More about this special bird here.

Check out more animals needing homes at Animal Welfare League Australia.

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