Talking Pets 16th March

Well, during this week’s Talking Pets, I was joined by Jono Coleman to chat about dog parks, budgies, introducing a baby to your pets and FitBark, learning all about dog fitness levels around the world.

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

Aussie Dog Parks
While most dog owners know the dog parks in their own areas, it can be difficult to find a park when you go travelling. Aussie Dog Parks help you find parks around Australia and currently have over 2000 parks listed i their directory and are adding more. We spoke with Monica Biegalke about her website…
Aussie Dog Parks podcast

Pink Budgies!
Budgies come in many colours but have you ever seen a pink one?! Well,, you may do so in the near future, thanks to Don Burke and his budgie breeding. We chatted to him about Australian Heritage Clearwings and how you go about creating this unique colouring.
Budgie podcast

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Pet of the Week
In case you’re wondering, we didn’t have a pet of the week this week, as our planned one had found a home by the time we went to air. Good news! If you would like to find out more about rescue pets, please check out these sites:
Animal Welfare League Australia
Pet Rescue

Introducing baby
Many couples have pets before they have human babies. Sometimes these ‘fur-kids’ feel a little jealous when baby arrives and takes centre stage. Parents-to-be around Australia are now being educated in how to introduce their dog, cat and other pets to a new arrival and we spoke with pet education program, ‘We Are Family’, Lesley Shirley…
Babies and Pets podcast

Pets and young children should always be supervised

FitBark: How fit is your dog?
Do you monitor your own exercise patterns? FitBark is a device that can measure your dog’s fitness and it’s not only our individual pets who are benefitting from this knowledge. We are learning more about dogs around the world. Swiss dogs are the most active of all and dog owners like to exercise most at weekends. We found out more from FitBark CEO and co-founder Davide Rossi, all the way from Missouri, USA.
FitBark podcast

Plus, your stories about pets when you were young and your questions for Dr Jo…

Listen to Talking Pets 16th March

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