Pets in apartments, Budgies, Being a good neighbour, Pet food trends, Canine care, Toileting issues and more! So much packed into one pet show. Love it!

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Well, what a busy show this week’s Talking Pets was. We spoke with so many people about pet topics and about their pets. Governments, Not-for-profits, Pet Owners,, Pet Businesses, People helping pets. Here’s the rundown of individual segments:

This week’s Talking Pets show included:

Budgies with Burke
Don Burke is known for his Backyard but did you also know that he is a major budgie lover and breeder. We spoke with him about living with budgies and all things birdie. If you are thinking about a budgie as a pet, this is a must listen…
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Changes to strata laws
Recent changes in the NSW Strata laws affect pet owners living in apartments. We spoke with Rod Stowe, NSW Fair Trading Commissioner about what these changes mean for the pet owner.

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Pet food tends
Aussies spend a staggering $3 Billion a year on pet food! Nothing is too good for our fur-babies! We are choosing more premium foods, being offered more variety and foods seem to be mimicking our human choices e.g. grain-free. Dr Duncan Hall from the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia chatted to David and I about trends in pet foods…
Trendy pet food

Such a choice of pet food these days

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The Good Neighbour Project 
We love our pets and want to keep them safe in our community. But do you know your neighbour’s pets? To be a good neighbour, we really should all be taking care of one another. A new initiative of the Cat Protection Society, The Good Neighbour Project, is ensuring that we all do our best for all pets in our community and we spoke with the CEO of Cat Protection, Kristina Vesk…
Be a Good Neighbour podcast


When Will I Be Loved?
Our Pet of the Week this week is from Animal Welfare League, Eurobodalla branch. Emma is a 5 year old cat whose owner sadly died and she is now looking for a home with a caring, experienced cat owner who has the time to encourage her to be loved once more. What a beautiful cat emma is. Find out more here.

Emma is looking for a home

Canine care for older pets
Both Ends of the Lead help scare for our canine companions by showing you how to be your dog’s therapist. Tim Norris, a professional canine rehabilitation therapist, explains how to care for your ageing dog through massage and also prevent difficulties as your pet ages.
Home care programs for ageing pets

More from the Show 
Toileting behaviour of cats and house training in dogs
Dr Jo’s Cat Toileting Problems Solved book
Lots of listener questions about their pets

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