We just love talking pets! And this week we’re turning pets into celebrities, we’re bringing them to work, into the classroom, out on a walk and travelling with them. Plus we learn how to cope with their hair! Join Dr Jo and David Prior for all the ‘breaking mews’ on Talking Pets…

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

Remarkable Pets
Pets are fast becoming internet celebrities and now an agency in Australia is representing these popular pets and their owners. We spoke with Ashleigh Bruton from Remarkable Pets about what it takes for your pet to become a digital sensation.
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Remarkable pets: creating internet celebrities on Talking Pets

Can pets make our children smarter?
“The dog ate my homework!” Is that your, or your child’s, excuse for not doing well at school? Well, no more excuses needed. Dogs in the classroom are proving to be good for our children’s learning abilities. Professor Pauline Bennett, Anthrozoologist at La Trobe University, and her students have just completed a school project with dogs in the classroom and you can hear some of the results here…
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Take your pet with you when you travel
You may want to fly off on holiday – with your pet. Or relocate to another State or even country. What about your pet? Jetpets have been flying pets around the world for the last 25 years and we speak with Scott Williams about flying pets…
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Benefits of walking your dog
Do you enjoy walking your dog? Walking is good for our dogs and for us and it helps us, especially women, feel safe. Dr Hayley Christian from the University of Western Australia compares our dog walking habits with dog owners in the USA…
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Pets at Work: Real Estate
Pets at work are good for morale, for productivity and for stress reduction. We spoke with Daniel Gunning, Driector of Gunning Commerical Real Estate Business about taking his dogs to work with him and how pets are now welcome in real estate…
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Pets at work on Talking Pets


When Will I Be Loved

Our Pet of the Week this week is Luna, a one year old deaf Bull Arab. Luna is currently learning to read hand signals from her carers. She is AWL‘s longest canine resident and really needs her forever home now. She has a funny personality but being a strong dog needs an experienced owner. Her new family needs to know that she doesn’t have an ‘off switch’! For more info about Luna, contact Animal Welfare League NSW.

Pet of the Week Luna on Talking Pets

There are also many Q&As on Talking Pets this week. Enjoy and tune in next week. Give your pets some love from us!

Listen to Talking Pets 13th Oct Entire Show

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