How to choose the best dog breed. Why pet play is important for your pet. Get a little culture into your dog’s life and the salon dog who brightens up his clients’ hair appointments. Your Q&As too.

Here we are having a little fun!! (That moment when you realise that your co-host thinks he’s a dog!!)

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

Pet Play
Pets can play at any age and it’s good for them – and for us. Learn why pet play is important to our pets and how you can encourage your pet to be more playful.
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Read about pet play
Play is important for pets

Bix the Salon Dog
Don’t you wish you could take your dog to work?! Bix is a lucky little dog who goes to his owner Susana Montero’s hair salon, La Unica, and sits on the client’s laps! Sweet.
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Dog Culture
Talking our dogs out and about should be fun. We need to keep them safe and ensure they enjoy their outings with us. Dog Culture, with travel gear for your pets, has all sorts of products for dogs and it lists pet events all over Australia. Listen to us chat to Larissa Holmes.
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Dog Culture on Talking Pets

When Will I Be Loved?
Our pet of the week is Stanley. Stan the cat (or Stan the Man,, as I would call him).
Stan is a 2.5 year old domestic medium hair (a little fluffy) cat, available at Lort Smith Adoption Centre in North Melbourne.
Stan says “Hi there! I’m a very smoochy boy lokiing for my forever home. While I normally have long luxurious hair, I have recently had a shave…If you think that you are the ideal person to live with me and keep me warm, please come and meet me. I’m all snuggled up and waiting for you!”
More about Stan

Pet of the Week on Talking Pets: Stan

Check out more animals needing homes at Animal Welfare League Australia.

Choose the Best Dog Breed for You
What a difficult decision! Which dog breed is the best one for you. Bow Wow Meow has come up with a new dog breed selector which suggests the best breeds for you, based on your lifestyle and needs. You can also enter the breeds that you are thinking about and it will give you a compa
tability score. David and I spoke with Kerstin Keimling…
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Buy Bird products online today from VetSupply.

Dog breed selector on Talking Pets

We also had several dog toys and cat care products to give away, as well as a salon hair package, so every caller received a prize. Tune in to our future show to win something for you and your pets.

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