Are pets part of your lifestyle? If you can’t imagine a life without pets, then I guess they are. And you may be interested in my venture beginning this week…

Talking Lifestyle, Talking PetsTalking Pets radio show with Dr Jo Righetti

The Talking Pets radio show will be part of the new line up on programs at Radio 2UE. Rebranded as a Lifestyle station, programs that are broadcast live on the Sydney 954AM network will also go out across digital networks and podcasts, with articles available online. So,if you are interested in home decor, travel, the latest technology or pets (and who wouldn’t be interested in pets?!), then you can find the info that’s relevant for you.

Talking Pets with Dr Jo

I am really excited to be hosting my own pet show on the new lifestyle network. Talking Pets will be broadcasting weekly and I’ll be hosting alongside the lovely David Prior, a devoted dog-lover and experienced radio producer, who will keep me on track. The gorgeous Maryann will be producing us.

Talking Pets will aim every Thursday evening from 9-11pm. Yes, I know it’s late but if you can’t tune in then, the podcasts will be available afterwards so you can listen when it suits you.

Talking Pets with Dr Jo on Radio 2UE Lifestyle

What’s on the Talking Pets Show?

This is a show about people and pets. It will celebrate the amazing relationships we have with our animal companions. This show is for you, the pet owner, bringing you:

  • News and events about pets from around Australia and the rest of the world
  • Features on travel, technology and pet health
  • Pet behaviour Q&As
  • Tips on pets at home and your relationship with your pets
  • When Will I Be Loved?” Our Pet of the Week will help rescue pets find their homes
  • Interviews with celebrities and pet-lovers about their furred, feathered and finned friends

And we’ll have lots of guests join us too and some fantastic giveaways and special offers.


It’s a Show for You, the Pet-Lover

As well as our news and tips on pets, we want to hear about your pets. What pets do you live with? Are you thinking about a pet? Do you have a problem pet? What’s the best and worst thing about living with pets? How much do you love your pet? What stories do you have about your animal companions?

We want and need your input. So join us during our shows by:

  • Calling us during the show on 13 12 83 2UE Talking Lifestyle
  • Send us a question via email (email available soon)
  • Facebook and Twitter comments and questions too (available soon)

Thanks for listening and wish me luck!

Jo xx


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  1. Hi there Jo
    Great news that you will be on air for 2 hrs I will certainly try to tune in to listen to you. I’m always a fan of your work.
    Unfortunately im not a fan of the changes to 2ue. Someone has ruined my favorite station. I will have to put a reminder into my phone to make sure I tune in to your show because I won’t be listening to much else on that station now.
    Wishing you all the very best for your new time slot… you will be awesome and a definite asset to their station.

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