Take Your Dog to Work

Do you take your dog to work?

Take Your Dog to Work Day: Pet Problems Solved

Will you be taking your dog – or other pet- to work? Have you ever taken your pet to work?

I know some of you will be thinking ‘No way! I’d never get any work done!” Yet, research shows that workplaces with pets are more productive and employee stress levels are lower when a pet is present. Good reasons for workplaces being pet-friendly.

Before you rock up with your pet on Friday, it’s best to consider a few things…

  • Let your boss know (and preferably ask if it’s ok) that you’ll be bringing your dog and all the provisions you have made
  • Let your workmates know and make sure no one has any severe allergies or fear of animals
  • You can’t take your pet on public transport in many places so you will need to bring your own vehicle.
  • Also wise to pack your pet’s own bed, snacks and toys to play with
  • Can you take regular pet toilet breaks? How will you manage a toilet break of your own?!
  • Ask a work colleague if they will mind your dog should you need to take an important phone call or attend a meeting without pets.

Do you take your dog to work?

Be prepared for a lot of attention on your pet when they are at your workplace. The novelty will have everyone visiting your office. In fact, on Friday, you may not get much work done at all. If, however, all goes well and pets in the office becomes a regular occurrence, then the benefits will flow.

I often visit the Nestle Purina Petcare offices in Sydney. Pets are always welcome there and I am sure there will be record numbers in the workplace on Friday. That should be exciting. I am always surprised how well behaved all the animals are. Although Chilli’s dog first visit there was a bit of a nightmare!! Read more here – Not a corporate dog!

Dogs may make the best colleagues of all
Purina has come up with 20 reasons why:

  1. They’re the ultimate people pleaser
    2. They always say yes to snacks
    3. Mealtimes always stick to schedule
    4. They always welcome you like you’ve just returned from holidays
    5. No one minds when they bark orders
    6. They always get in on the action
    7. All disputes can be resolved with a game of fetch
    8. They have no qualms being at your beck and call
    9. They’ll never turn up in the same outfit as you
    10. They always like to leave their mark
    11. They won’t let pet peeves get in the way of business
    12. They monitor office comings and goings free of charge
    13. Smoko breaks are a thing of the past
    14. They’ve totally got the competition sniffed out
    15. The only favour they’ll ever request is a good old belly rub
    16. Got a problem? They’re all ears
    17. They will never drop the ball
    18. Even the RUFFest job is doable
    19. They love to hug it out
    20. Their rates are VERY affordable

Will you be taking your pet to work?

More tips on taking your dog to work (including tips for setting up a pet-friendly workplace)

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