PLEASE NOTE: The date of this workshop has passed. City of Sydney offer this workshop regularly so stay informed.

If you live in an apartment in Sydney and own (or want to own) a pet, Strata Paws is a workshop is for you.

Strata Paws at Pet Poblems Solved

Strata Paws will give you lots of information about how to keep your pets – and your neighbours – happy in high rise, low rise or any kind of apartment-living. You do not need to live in the centre of Sydney to attend, nor do you need to have a pet. This is a session to get information about pets and to get answers about any behavioural issues you may be having with your pet or a pet that lives near you.

The workshop takes place on Tuesday 18th Aug at 6 – 8pm at the City of Sydney council offices in Pitt St. The workshop is free but you do have to book. Register here.

I shall see you there.


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