Spring is here and it’s time for you to spring into action with your pets!

Even if it’s the middle of winter when you are reading this article or to hot to trot, putting a little more action into life with your pets can benefit you all. Here’s how…

Spring into action with your pet

Winter is over…

Most of us are glad to hibernate indoors during winter. Short days and long nights in front of the fire with a good book, a hot chocolate and a few cakes to keep us cosy and comfortable. And, of course, our pet right there by our sides!

Then along comes Spring. It’s a shock to our system. We have to face the great outdoors again, shedding those extra winter layers and kilos! Many pet owners decide to get out and about more, walking or perhaps taking up a new activity with our four-legged friends.

Spring into action with your pet
Start your exercise program slowly. Just as we are advised to see our doctors before beginning a new exercise regime, it is often a good idea to get your pet checked over by your vet before any new activity, especially if your pet is older or suffers from any ailments such as arthritis.Even if you are not a particularly active person, you can still exercise your energetic dog or cat. Seat yourself outdoors in a lounger in the beautiful spring sunshine and throw your pet’s favourite toy for them to retrieve. Yes, even a cat can retrieve!

Take care…

  • If you are beginning a serious new exercise regime then take it slowly. Walk a few times around your block or the park before you begin jogging. Dogs, like us, can end up with sore muscles. Break your dog into your new exercise program gradually.
  • Remember when you apply your sunscreen, your pet’s nose and ears may benefit from a generous application of sunscreen too.
  • Keep your pet hydrated by offering it plenty of water to drink both before and after exercise.

Spring into action with your pet

More tips on exercising with your pet

A new hobby…
Many people enjoy taking up a new hobby at this time of year. There are endless amounts of activities we can do but why not think about hobbies that will benefit both you and your pet. Some suggestions for new springtime pursuits include:

  • Training classes for you and your dog. These can be formal obedience lessons for the perfectly behaved pooch or simple games and activities for you and your pet to play together. Ask at a club near you.
  • Teaching your dog, or even your cat, a new trick. Teach them to shake paws or to give you a ‘high five’. By rewarding them with a treat, a pat or a word of praise each time they lift a paw, they will soon learn to shake paws for the reward. You can then add a verbal command such as “shake” and a hand signal such as extending your hand to shake. Your pet’s antics will then impress all your friends!

Spring into action with your pet

  • Visit a pet show. Even if your pet is not show quality, and remember there are shows nowadays for non-pedigree pets, it can be fun to go and watch other pet owners taking part.
  • If you have a well-behaved and sociable pet you might like to join the Delta Purina Pet Partners Visiting Program. You and your pet, after being assessed as a suitable visiting team, can visit hospitals and nursing homes, giving people ( who might otherwise not have contact with a pet) a chance to meet and greet your pet.

Relax with your pet

You might simply enjoy relaxing in the sunshine with your pet. The most important factor in your spring into action is that you and your pet both enjoy your activities together. Not only will this improve your health and vitality but the bond between you will grow stronger.

Spring into action with your pet

Spring into action with your pet!