I’m shivering. Winter is here. And yes I know I’m a Scottish person living in Australia – I shouldn’t find it cold. I admit it. I am a wimp. I feel the cold. Perhaps that’s why I choose to live in a climate that is warm… most of the time.

Winter in Sydney is cold, especially overnight. During the day it is generally beautiful. It can get up to 20C – outdoors. Inside our homes, it is freezing. Not built to accommodate the cold, switching on the heating tends to heat up the great outdoors as all the heat escapes out of the vast expanses of glass we have.

Clyde – 19yrs – likes to get cosy in winter

When indoors, working, I need to have my dog close by. Body warmth of a pet is a great way to keep the chill off and luckily most dogs are willing to comply. To find the warmest spot in my home I just have to look at where my cats are. They will be found snoozing in a sunny spot in the garden or where the sunlight filters through the window. OK not the most comfortable spot for me to occupy but at least I can pat a hot cat and warm my hands up!

At night though it’s a different story. Pets seek me out They love to curl up on a sofa, or better still, in my bed. Like Clyde, pictured above sleeping with my husband, Ginger (8yr old cat) also likes to drape himself over my head and access  my body heat. Mew (11yr old cat) likes to get under the covers. I have no idea how she breathes under there but nothing will move her overnight.

In summer my bed is normally only occupied by one cat. In winter it is often a 3-cat night!

What do your pets do to keep warm? And what do you do to keep warm with your pets?

More about winter warmth.


  1. my minnie sleeps on our bed with us and has her woolen jumper on before bed and when we get up, my fergus (main coonX) doesn’t tend to feel the cold to much!!! I know i do but!!!!!

  2. my little kitten loves to snuggle against my head when i sleep – keeping my ears and neck warm. I also have the soothing sound of his purring amplified while his body is right next to my ear…. sometimes I hear his digestive sounds as well..

  3. My Two Toddlers wear their designer jumpers, and sleep in our room in a luxuary krate with bummper inside and big padded cover on the out side. When it gets a bit cooler, I will put one of those microwaveable thingies in with them. They have sheepskin and faux fur blankets on the matress to, to keep them toastie warm and comfey.

  4. HI Jo
    Get your human to buy a nice dog coat, Find a bed where you can practice how many dogs and cats can cuddle the one human. – the record here is 5 cats and three miniature poodles. Snuggle down and refuse to move no matter how good the reward is. Cold is all in the mind of those silly humans we live with.

    Regards from the dogs and cats who love the pet magicians bed in winter heheheheheh

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