Pet product review: Rose-Hip Vital Canine

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Rose-Hip Vital Canine Review 

Rose-hip vital canine review by Pet Problems Solved

Dr Jo says “Rose-Hip Vital Canine –  a new lease on life for dogs”

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What is Rose-Hip Vital Canine?
Rose-Hip Vital Canine is an anti-inflammatory supplement, made from rose-hip fruit, that may help your dog improve their health and behaviour. “Rose-Hip Vital Canine is for joint health and general wellbeing in active and ageing dogs.” Rose-Hip Vital Canine
More about the product here.
Why buy?
Obviously we all want our dogs to be healthy and well. As they age, they may have to cope with the pain and stiffness of arthritis. 25-30% of household pets will develop osteoarthiritis. Rose-Hip Vital Canine may help with this and other inflammatory conditions in dogs – and in humans.
Obviously we need to have our pets checked at the vets and this is especially important as they age. Owners often want to do more for their pets, however, and this supplement could be just the thing for your dog.
Rose-hip, however, is not just for dog with physical problems. It can also help with coat condition and general behaviour.
This product has had various research studies conducted on it, to determine its effects on dogs. Dogs taking it have had improvements within 3 weeks. Working as a strong anti-oxidant, this product has anti-inflammatory properties but also has shown improvements in the dog’s mood and even speed.
Rose-hip vital canine review by Pet Problems Solved
How to give
Rose-Hip Vital Canine is a powder given with food. Dosages are available here.
Dr Jo’s Thoughts 
I first tried this product on Chilli dog when she had a sore back. Nothing conclusively wrong with her (we didn’t have extensive testing done), just a bit of soreness when she was running. Hard to calm a 4-year old dog down for long!
Rose-Hip Vital Canine (RHVC) in her diet for a month seemed to improve her condition. Then again, she was taking anti-inflammatory medication from the vet and we might expect things to improve in this time. Ever the skeptical scientist, I could not put Chilli’s improvement down to RHVC alone.
The Rose-Hip company were kind enough to give me a few sample of product to give away and I gave this to a few people whose dogs have joint issues or are generally getting a little older and slower.
Bingo! Here’s the feedback form a couple of dog owners:
  • Matisse, 13 yr old Bichon: “He became younger!”
  • Anonymous, older dog: ” He’s like a new dog!”
Rose-hip vital canine review by Pet Problems Solved
 Chilli – Dr Jo Righetti’s dog. More articles featuring Chilli

Pros and Cons
So, every product has pros and cons. Here are my opinions:
Good Not so good
Dogs like the taste Sticks to bowl so added a spoonful of yoghurt to allow dog to eat it
Easy to use – measure provided Have to remember to give (can’t remember my own multi-vitamin!)
 Does appear to work well May be costly for multi-dog use



Rose-Hip Vital canine is a registered, natural product which may help your dog with mobility issues and as an aside, may also help with behaviour.

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Rose-hip vital canine hamper

Dr Jo has spoken with Rose-Hip Vital Canine and can offer Australian pet owners a chance to win a hamper of products…
All you need to do is tell us, in 25 words or less, why your dog could do with this hamper of Rose-Hip Vital Canine Products. The competition closes on Saturday 14th Sept. and the lucky winner will be announced on Monday 16th. Check back here to find out or register in the top right panel.
Enter in the comments section below…
And please share if you know someone else who has a dog that may benefit 🙂

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  1. I have just taken on a beautiful foster dog he is a 15yr old poodle a real gentleman however everytime he gets up he is very lame in his front leg and want put it on the ground for a little while until he has moved around a bit. He is also wobbly in the HQs all of which comes good after moving around a bit. He puts up with htis with no complaints and is a very gentle soul that still has a zest for life. I would love him to win your Rose-Hip Vital Canine pack to see if it can help him to move around better. He really is one of those special dogs that just gets under your skin.

  2. ooh just realised should be 25 words or less sorry. Nelson is a 15 yr old foster dog that is sore all over and I think Rose -Hip Vital would make his last days of life comfortable

  3. My 12 year old Border Collie needs this, she has just had cruciate ligament repair done and her knee joints are very bad with arthritis.

  4. Thanks Jo. I have a tall, lean cross breed, very active, nearly 2yo. I would like to set him up for the healthiest life possible.

  5. Maxie has a sore right leg.He just loves chasing the ball. But he has had to stop the game . Rose Hip Vital would give him back the bounce he needs.

  6. It’s simple-Jasper our labradoodle is part of our family! an extension of us with his unconditional love. we just want the best for him!

  7. Winning this rose hip pack would hopefully change my dogs life,less pain more movent & can enjoy playing with kids..)

  8. Our 13yo rescue boy is suffering from arthritis and this would be brilliant to try. We want him to have the best life possible.

  9. I have a 15 year old chihuahua and she is really sore and stiff when she has been asleep takes a while to walk normally would love to see her with no pain

  10. I have several older Great Danes that I know would benefit from this product but I just can’t afford to give it to all of them. I have tried it and I know it did improve their mobility but money is hard to find.

  11. mavrick is our 4yrs old blue healer kelpie cross ….both back knees realigned at 11/2 years…..never able to move well …he could do with less pain and a chance to run like a puppy 🙂

  12. My 12 year old Goldie would love relief from his arthritis so he can keep up with his 7 year old rescue brother.

  13. Throughout his life my Maltese X Alfie (13) has given me his all. I’d love him to be pain-free & happy in his last years.

  14. Henry is beautiful and my bff. I would like to trythe products to see if these will reduce his anxiety.

  15. Henry is my beautiful cocker spaniel and bff. i would like to try these products to see If it reduces his anxiety.

  16. Molly, my 6 year old schnauzer is a loving, moodie, active dog and my best friend and would benefit greatly from Rose-Hip Vital Canine.

  17. Would love to win Rosehip for my beautiful nine year old Border Collie Roxy as she has from arthritis and very stiff in the mornings.

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