Pug or Partner: Your choice?

Choosing a partner is difficult but can we make it an even tricker decision by asking to choose between a human and a dog?! Pug or Partner: Your Choice – is brought to you by Moneypad…

Pug or Partner - your choice?

For centuries human beings have kept dogs and one of the best known of these species is the pug. Immediately recognizable by its wrinkly face and curly tail the pug was first brought to Europe from China in the 16th century and became a firm favourite as a house dog because of its calm temperament and good nature.

If you are a ‘pug person’ then no other dog will do, indeed sometimes it can be difficult to choose between your pug and your partner. The pug is an amazing little dog who is good with families and children with a charming personality. Compared to the average partner the pug is easy going and undemanding. If you come home late or slightly the worse for wear your pug will always be pleased to see you, and will welcome you no matter what condition you are in, perhaps not so a partner.

Your pug will always be loyal and loving and although he might be difficult at times for the most part he will do anything to please you, a partner will probably be far less reliable and most definitely more moody.

A pug will probably be a lot cheaper than a human companion as his needs are few, a good food source and an occasional trip to the vet might seem costly but compared to the clothing and grooming requirements of the average human the expense is very small indeed.

Of course there are things that a pug will do that might be questionable, like never letting you have a moments peace even when in the bathroom and needing a walk once or twice every day, but all in all we think the pug wins hands down.


pug or partner? by Moneypod.

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