Psychic pets: competition for your pet

Is your pet psychic?

Ok, so I’m a sceptic! Many people do, however, believe animals have a sixth sense and there is no doubt that animals perceive the world in a different way to us. But does that enable them to predict the future?

Ok, so I’m not a believer. But I’m willing to be proved wrong. And here’s your chance. Especially if you are a football lover…

dog psychic

The Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid is coming up soon and if your pet can predict the winner, then you could win $500 and a place on the prediction panel for this summer’s upcoming Euro Football 2016 tournament!

How to enter

This competition is being hosted by Unibet and all you have to do is take a photo or video of your pet predicting* which team is going to win. Place it on your favourite social media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) with the hashtag #MyPsychicPet. You can share it with me too if you like at my TwitterFacebook or Instagram accounts.

Here is an example. And another.

The pet that gets the most love on social media (i.e. likes, shares, retweets, etc.) will be shortlisted to the top 6 and the winner will be invited to join a specially curated panel of experts who’ll together predict the results for Euro Football 2016. And win the $500!

Entries close on May 27th, so get predicting now.

Good luck.


Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid

*Suggestions for predicting the winning team

  • Place a treat in each hand (with each hand representing a team) or place the treats on the floor on a piece of paper with the team’s name written on it. Let your pet choose which treat to eat. The first one picked is the winner.
  • Ask your pet to retrieve a toy representing each team. Which ever your pet predicts is the likely winner.
  • Place a football jersey or scarf on the floor and get your pet to choose one.
  • Or simply place the team scarf around your pet and take a photo!

Famous animal psychics have included:

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