Cat Toileting Problems Solved Book


Cat Toileting Problems Solved book by Dr Jo Righetti, animal behaviourist, will help cat owners understand their cat’s problem toileting behaviour and find a solution.

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A solution for owners of cats with the most common behaviour problem – toileting!

Cat toileting ‘mistakes’ are the most common behaviour problem experienced by cat owners. Spraying, urinating and defecating in all the wrong places, are the hallmarks of this problem behaviour.Ok, so talking about the cat’s litter tray is not a hot, sexy topic! Nor is Dr Jo’s new book ‘Cat Toileting Problems Solved’ going to be a best seller! But it may just be a life saver for many cat owners…

Cat Toileting Problems Solved is an 88 page, full-colour, hard copy, book, which tackles the unmentionable subject of inappropriate toileting behaviour of cats. Dr Jo helps cat owners understand just why their cat is failing to use the litter tray. Simple, easy to implement solutions to this annoying problem are giving in this text, along with case studies of inappropriate feline elimination.

This book retails for $20 which includes delivery to Australia. (At present this book is not available in other countries.)
Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.