Pets at Work: Saffron, Circus Art Producer

More and more pet owner take (or want to take) their pets to work. Instead of being alone all day our pets have our company and our workmates pats too! Of course, there are also trials, mishaps and endless amount of fun involved too!
Learning how other pet owners have managed their dog’s working day may, hopefully, help you with your pet. Here’s the ‘tail’ of Spoodle, Saffron’s, day at work, with his owner Debbie Wilks, Producer of circus artists at Cluster Arts.  

Tell us about your pet?
Saffron – Spoodle, aged 3

What made you decide to take your pet to work?
I now live in a unit and wanted to get a dog but also couldn’t leave it at home all day. I asked my work colleagues how they felt about me bringing my new puppy to work and there was overwhelming support. Only one person wasn’t keen.

Where do you work?
I am a Producer for circus artists, I work in an office.

How difficult is it to have a pet at work? What have you had to do to make it work for you and your pet?
It’s very easy, I always introduce her to new people and give her time to greet them, I make sure she goes outside through the day. She welcomes every arrival to our office with a churp and then goes and lays down when they are seated. 

Have you had any mishaps?
She ran away once and we got a call from the local vet saying she’d been handed in – this was before we realised she was missing. She has a habit of going into women’s handbags and taking tissues and lipstick out of their handbag, she has also taken peoples lunch!

Does your pet enjoy coming to work with you?
She appears to – she has her spot to lie down – she has her daily routine and greets everyone affectionately.

Do you enjoy having your pet at work with you?
ABSOLUTELY – it makes me feel good, warm, cuddles, makes us laugh.

Does your pet give you any laughs or smiles at work?
When people eat she sits in front of them staring – its funny to watch. In the afternoon she goes around to the rubbish bins and takes out wrappers etc. and leaves them around. She also steals juggling balls from the circus training venue next door and has made a collection of 12 juggling balls.   

Does your pet make you more productive at work or enhance your work in any way?
I don’t think she makes me anymore productive but I do enjoy having her with me. I highly recommend it.

We interviewed Saffron’s owner Debbie on Talking Pets. You can listen to their interview.

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