More and more pet owners take (or want to take) their pets to work. Instead of being alone all day our pets have our company and our workmates pats too! Of course, there are also trials, mishaps and endless amount of fun involved too!
Learning how other pet owners have managed their dog’s working day may, hopefully, help you with your pet. Here’s the ‘tail’ of Copper, the Basset Hound, who works at home with his owner Chelsey at PetPlan..  

Tell us about your pet?
My dog’s name is Copper, he’s 4 years young and he’s a full bred Basset Hound

What made you decide to take your pet to work?
My daughter and I got him when he was a puppy and have had him ever since. I’ve always worked in positions where travel was required and would always keep him outside for the most part during the warmer months. As most Bassets do, Copper has a LOT of separation anxiety. He would constantly whine, bark and howl like it was the end of the world. So, of course the neighbors were irritated and started to complain. I’ve tried numerous methods and techniques to try and get him to stop barking naturally but he wouldn’t budge. I couldn’t just give him away because he’s our family pooch and my daughters best friend. So, I started looking for a remote job where I could work from home and be with him all day. Eventually, I landed the position I’m in now and there’s no barking.

Where do you work? Office/shop/home? What type of business is this?
I work from home where I’m a Marketing Coordinator for PetPlan. It’s mostly computer work and a few meetings here and there. 

How difficult is it to have a pet at work? What have you had to do to make it work for you and your pet?
To be honest, it’s really not that difficult. Most of the time he just sleeps, eats or barks at the door whenever he needs to go potty. His bathroom needs actually give me a reason to take a break, stretch and take my eyes off the computer for a moment which is something I always forget to do when I’m so involved with work at home. He doesn’t really bother me much during the day, he’s just lazy and sleeps a lot. However, he can be very needy and because of his separation anxiety, sometimes he’ll bark or whine but nothing like before when I would leave him alone for hours at a time.

Have you had any mishaps? Tell us about them.
YES! If I can give any kind of advice, it would be to close all the doors to every bedrooms and bathroom in the house, make sure the trash is secure and that there’s absolutely NO human food at his level that he can get to. Aside from that, the only other thing I have to worry about is the doorbell or when the mailman comes. He just get’s excited and barks which is fine and normal but not so much when you’re in a conference meeting with several other people listening.

Does your pet enjoy coming to work with you? How do you know?
I think he does. He doesn’t seem to bark as much or damage anything like he would when he was staying outside because he was bored. Now, he just sleeps and waits for me to make food so he can have whatever I drop on the floor.

Do you enjoy having your pet at work with you? How does having a pet in your workplace make you feel? How about other people?
Actually, I really enjoy it. He keeps me company throughout the day. He’s just so cute and so good that I don’t mind it one bit.

Does your pet give you any laughs or smiles at work?
Yes, Copper is just a lover. He always begs for attention and just wants to be petted. He has such a long body with short stubby legs and you think that would limit his ability to jump or climb but it doesn’t. Despite his awkward body and limited flexibility, he still manages to get on the couch and climb stairs. Granted, he struggles and it takes him a few minutes but it’s just too funny to watch him fight and “try” to make up. I always end up having to lend him a helping hand and lift his backside up just so he make it.