Here’s another in our series of Pets at Work. It’s great that so many of you are able to work with your pet.  In fact, if you are like Emily and Banana, then you have changed your working life just so that you can be with your pet as you work.
Learning how other pet owners have managed their dog’s working day may help you with your pet. Here’s the ‘tail’ of Banana, the Dachshund

Tell us about your pet?
My dog’s name is Banana, a three-year-old mini dachshund!

What made you decide to take your pet to work?
It all started when my hours started to become longer. I live alone, and I had a hard time leaving Banana, who can’t feed himself. He has separation anxiety as well, not being able to be without ME for hours at a time, even when with a dog sitter or family member.

Leaving him for one shift and coming back home ASAP would be fine, but as soon as I had to work overtime, he started becoming more agitated. And I know I can’t handle the pressure of going home as quick as I can just to comfort him.

I couldn’t give him away, as I love him very much, and he’ll most likely break down without me as well. So I asked if I could work from home, but they wouldn’t allow me. So I decided to resign and become a freelance writer. Now, I’m currently working at home, and we’re both enjoying our time together.

Where do you work? What type of business?
I used to work as a Customer Service Representative in an international company. I have resigned and currently work as a freelance writer for various contractors around the world. It’s not a business, but I simply write at home from my laptop.

How difficult is it to have a pet at work? What have you had to do to make it work for you and your pet?
It wasn’t difficult at all. I think the only tricky part was having to make a decision of leaving the company I worked at. I’m very family-oriented and know my priorities, and if I had to choose Banana over work, I would find solutions rather than force us to put up with it.
As long as Banana is with me, he doesn’t really make a lot of noise. He sleeps all day, comforted by the fact I’m nearby. As long as he’s well-fed, I walk him every morning or night and give him the cuddles he wants; then he won’t bother me as I work.

Have you had any mishaps? Tell us about them.
No pet owner has had a dog who didn’t cause trouble! I have a bad habit of leaving food on the table and forgetting them. Because of that, Banana would end up trying to go on top of my table to get it! My advice would be always to make sure that you have everything dog-proofed and invest in toys to keep your pet entertained..

Does your pet enjoy coming to work with you? How do you know?
Since I work at home, there’s no hassle of commuting. He feels at home because he IS at home, and I know he’s comfortable and happy.

Do you enjoy having your pet at work with you? How does having a pet in your workplace make you feel? How about other people?
YES, I do! I feel assured Banana is in good hands and well taken cared for. Since I now work at home, I feel better without the commute or worry about Banana. Having him around the workplace is a stress reliever, and it’s a great company, compared to the toxic issues I’ve had at work.

I also love how entertaining he is to watch without him knowing! He keeps trying to chase his tail from time to time, only to sometimes fall after a few attempts! Also, while walking, his little feet would trot quickly. When he stops and looks up at me with those cute eyes, I feel like he looks so proud and accomplished of the exercise he just did (As am I!)

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Does your pet give you any laughs or smiles at work?
Definitely! Banana is the sweetest little thing. He can detect if I’m anxious or stressed, and he tries to curl up next to me. His antics are hilarious and keep me going.


About Emily:
Emily is the founder of DesirablePuppy, where she writes blogs about foodstuff as well as best products for dogs and lots of small tips on training dogs that she knows. Moreover, DesirablePuppy is designed to share her passion with dog owners and help to keep you in the clear know about your best friend. 


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