Pets are going digital these days. In some cases, they are even earning incomes. OK, not every pet can be as famous, or as wealthy, as Grumpy Cat, but many are attracting significant followings. Here are a selection of their stories…

Franklin is Better than You

Photo by Tina Walsberger

Franklin’s housemate Belinda says…
Franklin is a 4-year-old Weimaraner from Sydney. He enjoys walks, balls, playing with other dogs, eating zucchini ends, and his toy dinosaur. He dislikes awkward cuddles and sharing the backseat of the car. His owner, Dave, started his profile when he was a puppy and maintains it due to a strong demand from many of Franklin’s admirers. Franklin starts his day early with Dave, coaching the participants of Dave’s group fitness business. He loves being the fitness mascot for the group.
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Sydney Troubled Teenager Chester

Chester’s owner Rhiannon says…
Chester is a Tibetan Spaniel x Cavalier King Charles. He is extremely clingy and we have had quite a few issues bringing him into our home which is dominated by our 2 cats. It’s a real love hate relationship! But he is cute!
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Sofia and Bear’s owner Nova says:
I have two BIG dogs called Sofia and Bear. They are the Dogue de Bordeaux breed and are just delightful. They have a little under 4000 followers on instagram but would welcome more!
Bear is the baby, but he is the biggest! at nearly 65 kilos he is a big baby at 14 months!! Sofia is the eldest at just over 2, she’s a little neurotic and hard to please (a bit like her mama)!
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Tiffany Loves Pink

TIffany’s owner Tracey says:
Tiffany is a 6 year old shihtzu/cavalier. She has a Facebook and Instagram page, as she is my real estate model. I use her in my real estate photos of the homes I am selling. She is also now starring in the Wizard of Oz for a high school in Brisbane and may be doing another school as well. Tiffany loves being photographed, she pose and is love acting on stage too. She is very social and friendly to everyone.

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The Magnificats

Owner of the Magnificats Steven says:
We have 7 cats with a very high-profile internet presence. The Magnificats have 1.4 million Facebook friends and are very active. Here’s a press release (for speed) regarding our live show:

Britain’s most famous cats launch 4-nights-a-week live webcast for 1.4 million fans
Britain’s most famous internet cats, The Magnificats, whose Facebook following tops 1.4 million fans, have launched The Magnificats Live from London, a four-nights-a-week live webcast featuring 7 cute cats, energetic cat-related banter and pet product reviews.

Tom – our bear-like Persian – has his own facebook page.
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Stay tuned: We’ll be featuring more of The Magnificats soon, following the journey of Rocky, who has a particularly aggressive form of cancer. Poor Rocky 🙁

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