Pets listen… but does your partner?

Does your pet listen more than your partner?Who listens to you most? Your partner? Or is it your pet?

A Purina Pet Study found that over half of Australian pet owners think their dog is a better listener than their partner. A staggering 64% of females agree with this. Less males at 48% but perhaps Aussie boys could learn a thing or two from their dogs!

When girls are talking, pay attention. Make eye contact, look adoringly, turn your head from side to side.

Pet lovers probably won’t find these stats surprising (although non-pet lovers might!). We already know how powerful that unconditional acceptance can be. And we consider our pets part of the family. In fact some of us even think of our dogs and cats as our partners or even our children.

It seems that tend of thousands of years of evolution have prepared us to understand the other species we live with, to empathise.. or at least to look like we are doing so. Dogs may not be able to understand every word we say but it feels like they do. Of course most dogs understand W.A.L.K. (which is why dog owners spell the word out loud rather than say it) and some dogs understand lots more  – Betsy, the Border Collie who understands more than 340 words.

Perhaps we don’t need our canine and feline companions to understand what we say or to answer us back (though some do!). We simply need a listening ear.

Who listens to you most?

Read the full media release here: Australians would rather get a warm welcome from pet than partner

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  1. i know my boy (now passed) used to listen to me all the time, i miss him so much.. almost 3 months now.. id like another dog but not for a while, got some travel in europe to do , then i might think again,but is it disrepectfull to him to get another dog? do i go another breed,same breed?

  2. Lyneen – the dog in the pic is Cherry, my liver spotted Dalmatian, who died two years ago this month. We still miss her and this pic sits in our lounge room so we see her every day.

    Jason, it is good to take your time in choosing another dog. Visit breeders and get to know their dogs, visit shelter to see other breeds. Get your dog fix from friends. When the time is right, I’m guessing you will know. And no, I don’t think it’s disrespectful to your late dog. When you have a lot of love to give, there is a lucky dog out there who will be waiting to receive it 🙂

    Now I’ve gone all soppy!! Jo

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