Pets in your toilet

Pets in the toilet – more common than you might think!

toilet roll kitten asleep

Do you go to the toilet alone? Or does your pet accompany you? Our dogs and cats generally have no need to enter our bathrooms. Yet they do:

  • to accompany us
  • to check out the odours!
  • to drink from the shower or toilet bowl!
  • to toilet themselves

Of course there are some pets who hate to be alone. Accompanying you to the toilet can be a signal that your pet may be a likely candidate to suffer separation anxiety. If this is the case in your household, then you might like to introduce some gradual separations from your pet. With my clients who suffer from this condition (and that can be owner AND pet), I always tell them “You have my permission to go to the toilet alone.”

Then there are the kittens and puppies who love to sneak into the bathroom at any opportunity to unravel the toilet roll. No matter how many toys and how much money you spend on them, toilet rolls are an invaluable source of fun. Someone needs to invent a lock for the toilet roll.

Or do you get licked as you step out of the shower? Some pets appear to love this way of obtaining fresh water!

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For most pets, the toilet lurking is simply an ideal opportunity to have a captive audience. You are bound to that seat for a minute or two and your pet is getting your attention. Heaven!

So, is your pet a toilet lurker?

Pee without dog



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  1. Tigger LOVES to accompany me to the toilet, though I am able to shut him out, and he will wait just outside the door, quietly even, unless I take too long. Then he’ll miaow at me under the door, just to make sure I haven’t fallen in! 😉

  2. My cat Chicken sits on my lap when I go to the toilet. Yes. And also jumps up on the shower wall and watches whilst I cleanse.

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  4. Let me start by saying that the robot question is too funny. My name is Kayla and I think I need some help with my 6 month old kitten, Mr. Meanor. (as in misdemeanor) I loved the idea of toilet training him with the Litter Kwitter and my fiance and youngest daughter got it for my birthday the first week of August. It’s been working great as long as I keep him in the red phase. When I think he’s ready, I move him into the amber phase. He promptly starts doing his business on the floor right next to the walls of the house. So then I lock him into the bathroom for hours and hours throughout the day and all night. This is very hard on him and myself. He is like a baby to me. You see, I started bottle feeding him when he was just a ten day old feral baby. He was a hissing, spitting, swatting little toot at first. By the end of that day he was well adjusted to me and my smells and handling him. Within just a few short days he had adjusted to Shaun and Annie as well. However it was very obvious that, to him, I was Mommy. After having his bottle, which he took to very well, he would crawl up as close to my neck as he could get and lay there and sleep. As he became older, my shoulder was HIS spot. He would suckle my ear lobe and fall asleep. He is a Siamese mixed baby. I have taught him to come, sit, “high four”, and beg. But the toilet training? OMG It has been almost eight weeks and we’re giving it another try. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to encourage him along. If so, please email me with anything you’ve got to say. He’s an awesome boy but this is really our only struggle.


  5. When my dogs were in the house, I never let them in the toilet when I was in there. That’s not right. I wouldn’t let a child come in the toilet with me (unless out at a shopping centre etc) at home and it should be the same with an animal. One of my dogs has separation anxiety but she ended up learning that the toilet was a ‘no, no’ and would wait at the door. Even letting an animal walk in and out of the toilet when they want to is gross, especially if they drink from the bowl. That is utterly disgusting.

  6. Kayla,
    The litter kwitter may not suit every cat. Generally giving your at a choice of toilet is a good idea, then they can select which they wish – litter or litter kwitter.
    If one stage is proving difficult, then try breaking the stages into smaller parts. Have a look at the litter kwitter website too for more suggestions

  7. Ofcourse! I’m always accompanied by 1,2,3 or 4 animals. It has even been up to 6 when dog-sitting, which can get a bit sqashy! My cat has to always look in there too, and I have to watch I don’t jam her paws when closing the lid! I think lack of toilet privacy is a natural part of motherhood – even with the furry kids! Also, I’m caring for a dog at the moment, who accompanies me into the shower. I actually have to turn the water on before he’ll leave!

  8. All the time… We have a toilet in the laundry, where my dog’s bed is, so effectively I’m using his ensuite… But he comes upstairs with me too, usually sits outside the door and ‘guards’ me lol… I have 3 2 legged children too, so I rarely get alone time for toileting…

  9. My 6 year old boy Burmese has always thought that the toilet is a special place for cuddles – visitors get a surprise when he opens the door on them and jumps on their lap

  10. One of my Shelties likes to sit at my feet….he follows me around the house and sits at my feet….then we move again and he repeats the same procedure.

  11. All Three Toddlers do. ( Toy Poodles) I was day dreaming on the loo one day, looked down and nearly gave meself a heart attack, lots of black curls going round in cirles, but then there was a bark and I knew it wasn’t me. lol…………………….thank Gawd it wasn’t a meow !!!

  12. Always; even in the middle of the night and it doesn’t matter how many times! He has me captive in there 🙂

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