Pet product reviews: Dog Spinny

Pet Product Review: Dog Spinny


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Dr Jo says “teach your dog new ways of having fun”

What is the Dog Spinny ?
The Dog Spinny is a fun toy which according to Purina Play Systems is “The perfect toy to stimulate and occupy your pet. Hide treats in the cavities under the rotating disk for your dog to spin and find. ” Purina Play Systems
This product is part of Purina’s new Play Systems range of toys.
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Why buy?
Dogs need to be kept occupied, otherwise they make their own occupations – digging your garden, barking, raiding your garbage bins! Dogs also love food. Combining these two drives – to eat and to work – toys that give dogs a job are amazingly useful for most owners.
This is a great toy to get your dog started with puzzle toys. They quickly work out how to spin the toy and retrieve food.
Dog Spinny details
Easy to use, you simply put food or treats in the compartments of the toy and let your dog go for it. They have to use their noses, mouths or paws to move the open slot around and access the food.
The product can be used indoors or outside and can be put in the dishwasher to clean.
This toy was originally designed by Scandinavian canine behaviourist Nina Ottoson who says…
“… with DogSpinny is to have a pleasant and rewarding time together with your dog. You show how to play, your dog watches, listens and learns and you both have fun together!
Your dog will enjoy these moments and look forward each time to playing.
You can read more about the origins of this product here.
Watch Chilli in action with her Dog Spinny…

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Dr Jo’s thoughts
This is a great toy to get dogs interested in playing with toys. For those dogs that are food motivated, this will help them have fun while finding their food. For Chilli dog, however, it is a bit simple. Chilli has been using toys like these her entire life. She’s a pro!! She very quickly got the hang of it and emptied it. We need the more difficult models. For beginners though, this toy would be ideal.
Dr Jo’s pets’ thoughts
Chilli: “Love it! Easy, peasy. Food in no time. Get to use my paws and my mouth to find food. Ideal for dogs!”
Pros Cons
Dogs love it. It is a useful, occupying product and slows down eating. May cause fighting in multi-dog households unless dogs are separated to use
Easy for owners to use No messy funnelling biscuits and treats into tiny spaces You should remember ithat it will need to be washed
Easy to find, does not roll under beds, houses etc Users, especially chewers should be supervised


Dog spinny2Conclusion The Dog Spinny is a very enjoyable dog toy that will introduce your dog into the puzzle world.

N.B. Dr Joanne Righetti is a consultant to Purina. Purina has not asked Dr Jo to write reviews and have not influenced her opinions in any ways.



Purina have given me a Play Systems Dog Spinny to give to one lucky Australian reader of my blog. All you need to do is subscribe to my website Pet Problems Solved. You can do so on this page (top, right hand side) or on the website itself. One subscriber will be drawn at 10am (Sydney time) on Friday 23rd Nov 2013 and notified by email.

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Dr Jo will review more Purina Play System toys soon, including toys for both cats and dogs.   Watch a video about the Purina Play Systems and see some in action with the animals at Animal Welfare League.

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  1. Subscribed. 🙂 I used to be at home with Russell, my Jack Russell x on a regular basis, but have now got part time employment & hubby is working full time, so he is pining a little for us. This looks like something that would keep his mind off the fact we are not there as often.

  2. I’ve got one of these, quite expensive too… and my dog can’t move the top despite using his paws in a way that should turn the disc, dynamically speaking, I don’t know why it’s happening but it was demotivating enough that he started whining and left it.
    What can I do?

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