Pet product review: Pyramid treat dispenser for cats

Pet Product Review: Cat Pyramid Treat Dispenser

Pyramid treat dispenser
leo pyramid

Dr Jo says “time for cats to get working for food!”

What is the Pyramid Treat Dispenser ?
We all know about food dispensing toys for dogs – treat balls. Time for cats to work a little for their food. And have fun. The Pyramid Treat Dispenser is a fun toy for cats, making them work for their food – a great idea in this age of overweight and indulged pussycats. Plus it gives cats an occupation which is useful for those of us owners who worry about leaving our cats home alone.
Cats can see the food or treats through the toy and smell it through the opening, which stimulates them to play.
This product is part of Purina’s new Play Systems range of toys.
Here’s Leo discovering his new toy…
The pros
We assume that cats occupy themselves and, to a certain extent this is true. But cats can get bored too. And some turn that into attack time. Attack of humans! Instead turn that playtime into hunting time – hunting for food from a toy. A food releasing toy can give cats stimulation. So instead of feeding them in a bowl, put their biscuits in this toy.
Great for managing chubby cats!
The cons
Cats will have to get used to obtaining food in this way. It is weighted so that it remains upright, which means cats have to learn to push the toy around to retrieve food or treats. Some may stare blankly at the toy, not knowing how to use it. You may need to gently encourage them by rolling it around. In multi-cat households, watch our for those bully cats who want to own every toy and every morsel of food!
And then, of course, cats can get distracted while playing with their food toy and simply stare at that very handsome pussycat in the reflection!!!
My what a handsome cat!!
My what a handsome cat!!
Dr Jo’s thoughts
This is a great toy to get cats interested in playing with toys. For those cats that are food motivated, this will help them have fun while finding their food. Just keep your dogs away!
Dr Jo’s pets’ thoughts
Leo: “Food!. Love food but not quite understanding why it is now being served in a toy. Let’s cut the middle man and put food directly from the pack into my mouth!!”
Chilli: “Please? Please can I play with the toy?”
chilli pyramid treat dispenser
Watch pets at the Animal Welfare League play with the Purina Petlife Play Systems toys…


Conclusion The Cat Pyramid Treat Dispenser is a fun cat toy that will introduce your cat into the world of treat dispensing toys.

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N.B. Dr Joanne Righetti is a consultant to Purina. Purina has not asked Dr Jo to write reviews and have not influenced her opinions in any ways.



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  1. hi Jo, there’s a typo on the website article there..It says leaving our cars home alone…. “Plus it gives cats an occupation which is useful for those of us owners who worry about leaving our cars home alone.” cheers

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