Dr Jo says “The Hepper Pet Pod –  for very stylish cats”

What is the Hepper Pet Pod?

hepper pod bed

The Hepper Pet Pod is a stylish and modern bed for small pets.
“The Hepper Pod is a modern cat bed which offers the security of a mountaintop cave with way more style. It serves as your cat’s own personal sanctuary – a perfect place for curling up to snooze, hide, or reign supreme.” DNC Lifestyle
Why buy?
Cats like to have a semi-enclosed space to snuggle up in. If it is off the ground, even better. A cardboard box will do but if you desire something a little (or a lot!) more stylish, then the Hepper Pod Bed may suit you.
There is no doubt that cats love a box, as it gives them security and warmth. With only one opening, the theory goes that they can see any enemies (other cats/children/dogs) coming. Plus cats sleep up to 80% of their day so why not do so with a touch of luxury!
Your cat may enjoy a cardboard boxcat in a box
Pet Pod Details 

hepper pod bed2

The bed comes in two colours – green or grey and has a microfibre interior pad (of grey or orange respectively). It is best suited to cats and small dogs around 4- 5.5 kgs that can jump into the opening.
Dimensions: W43 cm x D40.5 cm x H48cm.(Check that your pet will fit prior to purchase.)
RRP $199 More info at the Hepper Pod Bed webpage.
Interesting facts: the Hepper Pet Pod was named after the designer’s cat who, in turn, was named after Audrey Hepburn.
Dr Jo’s Thoughts 
I love the look of this piece of pet furniture (although it is smaller than I thought it would be from the pictures). It is stylish, practical and fun!
My cats ignored it at first and, to be honest, I really thought that Leo, at 9kgs, was just much too big to fit.
I placed it on my dining table – Leo’s favourite place to sit – took the lid off and placed a cat treat in it and – hey presto – Leo was in it! It wasn’t long until he settled down to wash, then snooze. OK the dining table is not it’s permanent home but starting gradually with any new concepts is always good with cats.
I like the Pod, as it creates a talking point. Chilli dog’s nose is always in it to check if there is a cat in residence.
Dr Jo’s Pet’s (Chilli, Leo, Mew, Ginger) Thoughts
“We cats try to get away from everyone and the Pet Pod works well for this but Chilli dog still sticks her nose in the opening. A quick paw swat on the nose does the trick. CATS ONLY!”
Pros Cons
For many cats, this piece of furniture will do the trick. They are off the ground and cosy. Will be too small for larger cats (but can still enjoy with roof off)
The ‘lid’ can be removed for hot weather or for those cats that would rather not be enclosed. You do have to assemble yourself (not too difficult & a video is available for help)
Ultra stylish Expensive
pod in lounge
Stylish piece of furniture – for cats!

pod in bedroom









The Hepper Pet Pod is a modern and stylish piece of furniture for your cat or other small pets, with the emphasis on small. While it is expensive, it may be well worth the expense as it creates a feature and talking point for your lounge room,
The Hepper Pet Pod is ideal for very stylish cats & their owners.


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