How does your country rank in pet ownership?  

Over half of people internationally have at least one pet. Which, I guess, is not surprising to us pet lovers!

pet ownership internationally

Well, according to global data recently gathered by GFK, if you live in Latin America, chances are that you definitely have a pet, with 80 percent of the population in both Argentina and Mexico owning a pet, and 75% in Brazil. The next biggest pet countries are Russia, where just under three-quarters (73%) own a pet, and the USA at 70%.

South American countries have high rates of pet ownership

Asian countries have the smallest pet population. In South Korea, just 31 percent report having any pet living with them, followed by Hong Kong at 35 percent and Japan at 37 percent. Asia does, however, represent a growing share of the pet marketplace.

Men vs Women

Men are more likely to own fish than women, whereas women are slightly higher in dog and cat ownership than men.

Men keep more fish as pets than women do

Cats vs Dogs vs other pets

  • Cats are most loved in Russia where 57% of the population live with one. The next biggest nationality of cat lovers are the French.
  • Dogs are preferred in South American countries.
  • Fish are popular in China, Turkey and Belgium.
  • Birds are popular in Turkey, Spain and Brazil.

Russians are cat lovers

Australian pet ownership

Here’s a snapshot or two about Aussie pet ownership. It seems that we still love our dogs but cats are popular too. More women keep pets than men.

Australian pet ownership 2016 GFK


Aust pet ownership gender gfk


  1. It’s really interesting to see the pet preferences in different countries. I was a little surprised though that women generally prefer dogs and cats whereas men do not. I wonder why!

  2. I’m curious about the different amounts of pets in the US too. It seems so varied that I wonder about the actual ratio of dogs vs cats.

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