Pets help us in so many ways. Here is Shelagh Brennand’s story about her Maltese dog Lilly who has helped her owner not only go through a major life experience but also become a writer…

Our Lilly
I have a  classic story about our beautiful Maltese dog Lilly. We adopted our beautiful Lilly from Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge (SCARS) in 2 March 2013. On 15 April that year, at the age of 49 years, I suffered a stroke. Lilly was my lifeline. I became severely depressed but Lilly really did give me a reason to keep going. She took to my side and went absolutely everywhere I went. She knew. She knew I was ill. She knew I needed her. She would sleep on my bed and comfort me with her company, her soulful eyes and her silly nature.

Strangely, Lilly suffered her own stroke two years ago and we nearly lost her. She has a wonderful character…a bit crazy now and she still suffers from sporadic seizures but we will love her always.

I write poetry through my stroke and wrote a poem about Lilly..

I love Lilly so much and two years ago we adopted another little Maltese, Alfie. He is crazy! certainly keeps Lilly on her toes.

About the author
Shelagh Brennand, Author, Stroke Safe Ambassador, Pelican Waters, Queensland



  1. Jo, that has been put together so lovely. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and what Lilly means to us all. Shelagh

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