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I know I need to have pet insurance. After my recent veterinary expenses for my cat Leo, it is the only sensible thing to do for the future health of my pets…

I am currently doing research on pet insurance  companies, types of insurance, level of cover and so on. To help me, I would love to know about your experience, if any, with pet insurance. Please let me know, either in the comments section below or by emailing info@petproblemsolved.com.au.

The types of things I’d like to know are:

  • Do you have pet insurance or not?
  • How have you come to that decision?
  • Did you consider the number of pets you have, the age of the pets, the medical condition of your pet, the types of services covered, the cost of insurance?
  • What else influenced your decision to have or not have pet insurance?
  • Where do you live?

If you have insurance

  • If you have insurance, do you have – basic or full coverage?
  • Have you made claims on our pet insurance? Have these been for routine care, for emergencies, for specialist help?
  • Are you happy with your claims?
  • What company do you have pet insurance with? How did you decide on this insurance plan?

If you don’t have pet insurance

  • Have you had any pet insurance in the past?
  • If so, how was this? Why do you no longer have this insurance?
  • What would make you take out pet insurance in the future for your pet?

Please let me know as much or as little as you wish. Every little it will help me in my decision.
Please share with your pet-loving friends.


Dr Jo





  1. I used to work for a roadside assist organisation who provided pet insurance. I personally wouldn’t be without it. As with all insurance, you need to compare. It also depends on what you need. Older pets require different or higher coverage on some things that younger ones. then there’s some who pay out more on routine checks rather than operations & vice versa. Lots of research & you can’t go wrong. 😀

  2. A new policy will not cover Leo for his pre existing condition. You need to read the fine print on that, but its with all vet insurance. Pre existing conditions will not be covered. And if he is hospitalised for something else the insurance company may very well try to link it to his diabetes. Be very careful. All sharks, insurance companies. The only good it might be for is ‘accident insurance ‘ eg getting hit by a cat. But any health condition you don’t declare they will find out. I find it a big waste of money if they won’t pay out on pre existing conditions.

  3. We value our pet insurance for our kitty cats. Even with just accident cover it paid out thousands for our older girl who shattered her ankle. Also helps our younger girl when she gets ill and needs tests and meds. We are blessed.

  4. Def if they go outdoors and sit on roofs. Mine stay in my unit and I’m mindful of accidents in the kitchen but I keep them out when I cook

  5. My Mum insures me with the RSPCA. It’s a bit more expensive than others, but the money goes to a good cause. Just after insuring me, I had a vet bill for $1,800. They paid back 85%.

  6. I’ve also done the research, and it’s not worth the money. Doesn’t cover the annual checkup and injections or any pre-existing conditions and by the time you’ve paid the annual amount, you could have put that money aside year in and year out and put it towards any unexpected vet bills

  7. We looked into all of them for the clinic and found Petplan was the best one to recommend for overall coverage for pricing, plans, yearly coverage & claiming process.

  8. We insured our dog after he tore his cruciate ligament. He did his other one a year later which was classed as a pre existing condition, even though it was the other leg. I checked the small print, and yes it did say that was the case. However on taking it up with them on the phone and expressing my opinion that really that was an accident/injury not a condition, how can that be classed as pre existing, they explained that if one ligament was liable to tear, so was the other one…so pre existing. Here’s the killer, in my frustration I said ” so what you’re saying is if my dog breaks his left leg, the right leg may be prone to a break and not be covered?” The answer was yes……and as the insurance still had some months to run, and I had claimed, but received no payout, I could not cancel the insurance, otherwise they would pursue me for the outstanding amount. Personally we will self insure from now on…..it is a rip off imho.

  9. No Jo, only Petplan and they are also so easy to deal with no hidden policy restrictions or making it hard for clients to claim and no delay tactics on payments. We have had a number of complaints from clients and our own staff dealing with a number of the other companies esp. one that advertises supporting a certain animal welfare organisation, refusing to pay claims and in some instances refusing to pay invoices that had payable insured items listed next to non payable and non insurable items. It was so bad for one client we had to give her two invoices, one for a check up consult and a separate one for acupuncture treatment as they would not accept the invoice for claiming if both items were on the same invoice!

  10. I received a 6 week pet insurance cover when I bought my puppy from the breeder. Thank God I did as 4 days after bringing him home, my German Shepherd bit him on the head and dislodged his eye from the socket. It was very traumatic for him and me, however having the insurance made it a little easier to bear. They paid all but a $150 excess.

  11. Wished we had have had for the Shepherd who had an ACL repair before we got the puppy!!! It set us back $$$$$

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