Dr Jo discusses her on-going search for pet insurance… and needs some help! 

Are you an Australian insurance company? Can you help Dr Jo & other pet owners?
Are you a pet owner? Do you have pet insurance and love it?

Pet insurance update

As many of you know, I have been researching pet insurance for quite some time now. Thanks to those of you who contributed your thoughts and experiences about pet insurance for your pet. Now, with the addition of 3 new kittens (Earth, Wind & Fire), it is time for me to revisit, research and take out pet insurance…

Kittens: Earth, Wind & Fire

Pet insurance is worth having…

It seems to me that the general concensus is that most of us think pet insurance is worth having. A lot of us, however, including me, have still not taken insurance policies out. After diabetes, thyroid and several tick episodes, I really did need it. Silly me!

Why we delay taking out pet insurance

The excuses we come up with include:

  • I’ll save the money myself. Sure, we could be sensible and put money aside in our own bank accounts (or under the mattress – for the dog or cat to find and chew!!), for the day that our pet needs treatment. But how many of us actually do this? Not me!
  • My pet is too young/ too old/ too healthy
  • I’ll just wait until I think my pet might get sick (can we ever tell?!)
  • My vet will look after me. (It was when my vet told me that she had pet insurance, I realised that it was time for me to have it too.)

cat money

Warning – skip this paragraph if spending large sums of money upsets you!

I totalled up what we spent over Leo’s illness and Ginger’s treatment and it came to over A$25,000. Wow – what we could have done with that money (European holiday comes to mind!). Not that I grudge spending this on my pets. I love them. They are family. Pets are priceless.

Finding the best pet insurance

This time, I am determined, I will find the best insurance for my furry family. Three healthy kittens and one Chilli dog (7 years old). Who knows what the future will bring. Accidents and illness can strike at any time and dental treatments are a necessity.

We need help!

So if you are like me and still considering insurance for your canine companion or feline friend, stay in touch and we’ll find out more for you.

If you are a pet insurance company, please let us know why we should go with you.

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  1. Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia (http://www.petinsuranceaustralia.com.au/) says…

    At Pet Insurance Australia we make insurance easy. The most important aspect when choosing a pet insurance company is to read the PDS or the Product Disclosure Statement. It’s also a good idea to know that your pet’s pre-existing conditions are not covered by pet insurance. Also think about ease of use. At PIA we have a pet portal page on our website which allows customers to adjust their information and make claims at the click of a button, so it’s super easy to claim. Pet insurance pays up to 80% of costs of most conditions based on your level of cover and annual benefit limits. However, there are exclusions so read the Policy Terms and Conditions.

    On a personal note, we had a Dobermann many years ago who ruptured her cruciate ligament to the tune of around $6000. We didn’t have pet insurance (back then it wasn’t an option) so had to take out a bank loan at a very high interest rate. Luckily it was a double-income-no-kids time in our lives so we were able to choose this option. Today however, I simply couldn’t live without the security pet insurance gives me, and my family. You can even choose your level of cover with flexible options. Plus the Routine Care option can really help with everyday pet care like vaccinations.

    1. Thanks Nadia,
      I think it takes most of us to have a personal incident (which costs a lot of money!) to really see the value of insurance. Some things -pets – are just too precious to not take them into account when we insure our lives and belongings.
      Thanks for the info on Pet Insurance Australia.

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