Pets, especially dogs are great social catalysts. They bring people together and can even help you meet a new partner, one who may become the love of your life (well apart from your pet, of course!). Gary is one such pet who brought his owner Gary together with his future wife Karen. This is Greg and Gary’s story…

My Pet Greg and Gary Golinski

In 2010, I was working as a translator in Frankfurt, Germany. I had moved there from Paris with my English Bulldog, Gary, and life was good for the two of us. I had made lots of friends and Gary had made lots of doggy buddies. I had even started to learn German, something that Gary never managed to do!

One day, we decided to have a walk along the Main River. It was a beautiful day, and there were lots of people soaking up the sun along the bank. With its very tall skyscrapers, the city looked like a small Manhattan. We were happy, but something was missing for Gary and I.

Suddenly, Gary got very agitated. He started wagging his mini Bulldog tail and drooling, something he never does in general. Then, he ran in front of me so fast that I actually dropped his leash. I yelled at him to stop but he wouldn’t listen. Instead, he ran towards a young woman and jumped on her. She fell. As I ran to help her, Gary started to lick her face. I held him by the collar to make him stop, and then I looked at the young woman’s face for the first time. She had the most beautiful blue eyes, and she looked like Snow White.

What a gorgeous girl! I thought.

Actually, I hadn’t realised that I had said these words aloud instead of only thinking them!

She frowned and started to wipe the drool away from her face while I helped her get up. I apologised profusely. I didn’t know if I was sorry because of what Gary had done, or because of what I had said, or both.

It took me two minutes to calm Gary down. He really had a crush on her, and I did too! My heart was beating fast and I was lost for words.

-Your dog is really crazy, she said. You should be careful; he could hurt someone.

-You’re right, I said.

I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her!

We started to walk together along the Main River, and slowly but surely, I managed to break the ice. She told me her name was Karen. She explained that she was working in tourism, and that one day, she would be moving to Australia because it was her dream country.

“-Australia? I’ve always wanted to move there too!”

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From then on, we started seeing each other, and after a few months, we got engaged. We moved to Australia two months after we got married.

Thanks to my English Bulldog Gary, I met the love of my life and started a new life Down Under!

Greg and Karen Golinksi whose dog Gary brought the together

Gary is Marketing Coordinator at Love That Pet

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