Needing ideas for pet furniture?
Hands up – who designs their home decor around their pets? I know I do. Places my pets can sit. Shelves for my cats to lounge on. A scratching post to trip over! I’ll bet I’m not alone. Many pet owners like to consider their cats, dogs and other creatures when they design their homes or come up with innovative interior or garden design ideas.

Here are some of my favourites pieces of pet furniture, most highly practical, others simply aesthetically appealing…

1. Climbing shelves for cats

climbing shelves

Cats annoy some owners by insisting on sitting on bench tops. They do this, not only because tasty food is lurking nearby but also because cats simply enjoy being up high. It is essential for owners to provide vertical space for cats – window sills, bookcases and shelves. These shelves would be ideal to take cats up to even loftier heights… then they can look down on us humans!

More shelves for cats

cat wall shelves

2. Hot tub for dogs

hot tub

Ok so this is canine luxury but what dog owner would not want to spoil their canine companion?! Of course, if you really love this idea you could make a human sized spa or pool in the shape of a bone. Or simply share this hot tub with your dog!

3. Garden chair for you and your furry friend

garden seat

If your pet is always at your feet, then why not incorporate two seats in one. This one provides shade from the hot sun. I know my pets would rather sit on me than under me but I would find this useful when I have to get some work down on my laptop.

4. Scratch-proof your home

Scratched furniture is every cat owner’s nightmare but it is the reality of living with cats. Why not get creative and wrap scratchable surfaces around your furniture. Protect every table or chair leg from scratching or chewing!

Or add one of the new stylish cat scratching ‘posts’ to your home, like the Lui cat scratcher.

5. Stylish cat beds

hepper-pod-bedWhy provide a simple $2 bed when you can have a stylish pet pod! While it may look like some space age capsule, your cat will love being able to hop into this colourful and comforting snooze spot. After all, cats spend 75% of their day snoozing so why not do it in comfort and a little luxury.

More furniture for cats


6. Stylish kennels for dogs

eiffel tower bed

Why should cats be the only ones to have a stylish bed?! Dogs will also welcome a unique and individual kennel. An Eiffel Tower for a French Bulldog. Why not?!

7. Cat shelf with a view

Cat-Shelf suckers

Cats like to be up high and cats like to have a view. This suckered seat provides both. What a simple and effective idea. I wonder if it can hold Leo!!

8. Sofa for you and your cats

sofa cats

What a fun sofa! Can you imagine your cats racing around underneath and behind you as you ‘relax’?! Then pop out at your shoulder. Wouldn’t this be fun – for your cats?!

9. Elevator for pets

elevator for dogs

If your pet is finding it hard to retain mobility due to age or illness, then this stair lift or elevator might be just what you need. Now your pet can go everywhere with you. (Not recommended for highly active puppies!)

10. Pet loungers

There are just so many examples of stylish, unique and functional loungers for pets. Here are just a few…

I look forward to discovering pet furniture designs of the future!

For more about these and other stylish pet furniture, visit:

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  1. Dr Jo , I now have another maremma since I last wrote to you who are the loves of this old girls life ( excl family in case they read this 🙂 and I just love your last step up dog bed beside what should be mine !! A dream arrangement for us all . Thanks for all your wonderful hints,ideas and info again, regards lynne

    1. I love that step-up bed too. Ideal for many dogs, to be close to their owners but still enabling the owner to have their own bed!
      Glad you have another dog.
      I enjoy researching all these wonderful pet products and ideas. Thanks for reading!

  2. Yes i have 2 scratching posts for my cat, 1 in lounge and 1 in family room for my cat.

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