Does your pet follow you around your home, your garden, your life? And have you ever wondered why? Maybe this will explain why but we may never know exactly why our pets are so fascinated with us!

From room to room…
Perhaps it’s FOMO! (Fear of missing out) You might be going to fetch a snack or curl up with a book or dig up the garden. Whatever you are about to do, it could very likely be of interest to your pet and so they follow you.

Why pets follow your around

Into the bathroom…
Not many owners talk about this but ask them and they’ll tell you, they never get to go to the bathroom alone! So, why the attraction for our pets?
Perhaps they accompany us to the toilet:

  • to drink from the shower or toilet bowl!
  • to check out the odours!
  • to get uninterrupted attention
  • to unravel the toilet roll!

Check out more reasons that your furry family member may join you in your bathroom. Some pets, however, may avoid the bathroom entirely as that is where they have to undergo the much-dreaded bath!

Into the kitchen…
Pretty easy to explain this one – most pets know this is where the food is and their appearance may well prompt you into remembering to feed them – again!

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Why pets follow your around

Into the bedroom…
Pets love our company and most will, if allowed, follow you into the bedroom, onto the bed and even under the covers in winter! Of course they can be taught to sleep on the floor by your bed but most will sneakily hop up onto the bed while you’re asleep!

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Up the street…
While all pets should be either kept safely in your home or garden or on a lead, some will accompany you as you walk along the street. When I was growing up, every dog walk was accompanied by my cat, Tony, walking through the neighbourhood with us!

Why pets follow your around

Those who wait
Some pets remain home while we leave but wait patiently, in the garden or at the window, on our return. Legends abound about the patience of dogs and cats awaiting their owners.

Why pets follow your around

So why does our pet follow us around?
Most pets simply enjoy our company. We bring them the things they love most in life – food, walks, pats, companionship.
It’s kind of nice to be worshipped and have a following. After all, not many humans show us such devotion! Not so good , however, when you trip over your pet, yet again! And for some, this ‘stalking’ behaviour is indicative of separation anxiety and fretting when left alone.

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For most of us, our pets following us around our homes and surrounds means one thing – they LOVE us and for that we will follow them to the ends of the earth – and back 🙂

Does your pet follow you? (Where is your pet right now?)

Why pets follow your around



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