Pets can be our helpers. More than helpers… they may even save our lives. Pete’s dogs have helped him and this is his story…


My life was TRANSFORMED because of my dogs – Enzo, Truffle and Lulu – all lagottos.

I’m 38 and until early last year I had spent 12 years in Sydney, where life became one of extremes – high profile job, intense partying on weekends… and ultimately saw me take up a very unhealthy dependency on ICE (crystal meth) and, in time, led me to be made involuntary in a psychiatric ward after attempting self harm.

My dogs have always been an incredible mirror to where I am in life, and so driven by the desire to give them a backyard and normality, I made the move from the apartment in Kings Cross, to my new home in the ‘burbs of Melbourne.

Late last year, Lulu, joined the pack.

The behaviours that the dogs hold me accountable to – like routine, and getting out of bed and out of the house, and planning food, and social interactions.

Enz, Truff and Lu have given me a love of life I’ve never tasted before.

Thanks for being open to hearing our story. Pete

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