Some dogs are born to be therapists, it seems! Bix is one such dog. Mascot of a hair salon, I am sure Bix hears things that should never be repeated! And he doesn’t seem to mind getting covered in hair! Every hair salon needs a Bix. Here is Bix and his owners Susana & Sal’s story…

Salon dog Bix
Bix, the salon dog, who likes to sit on clients’ laps

A Dog With A Job – La Unica Salon

“A true lap dog, Bix is often found on our guests laps during their stay in the salon”

Bix is truly a dog with a job, a Maltese-Shitzu that is La Unica Salon’s environmental ambassador, salon mascot and most prominently a fur child to Susana Montero, Managing Director of La Unica Salon,  where we welcome other dog owners to bring their small pooch’s in with them on their salon visit.

Bix, a tiny name for a petite dog, was the runt of his litter and his enduring love is even more infectious as our salon mascot. Bix is well known by our usual clientele and is at times at the front door to give you a friendly greeting. However he will bark, well more of a chook sound, at our postman every time without fail, we joke that he doesn’t like the bills that come in the mail.

Bix, salon dog

In fact, for our dog lovers in the salon he has a natural attraction to you where he will ask politely to be picked up, by hovering around the foot rest and gently brushing you by. Typically a true lap dog he is often found on our guests laps during their stay in the salon, under the latest gossip or fashion magazines, cutting capes, or next to a tablet device. A quick doggie triple shake eliminates any customer hair that may have fallen on his white lush coat and gives him the perfect look every time.

Bix brings to the salon a beautiful unique calming experience to our salon guests. His favourite place is on a lap where he will comfortable rest and share his unconditional love and affection with you. He has attributed to breaking down the fear of dogs in younger children that visit with their parents. With our salon guests often asking “Where is Bix today..?”

Bix the Salon Dog on Dr Jo's BlogBut not every dog is equal. Our Bix is an ‘old soul’ trapped in a puppy, his looks alone stop traffic and he is guaranteed to spark a conversation or at the very least bring a smile to a stranger as his walks on by.

Be sure to look out for Bix when you visit La Unica Salon. He’ll be on another friendly lap relaxing and enjoying the company!
Bix the salon dog on Dr Jo's Blog

About La Unica Salon
La Unica Salon is a multi award winning hair and makeup salon, located at 208 Lyons Rd Drummoyne NSW 2047, Australia. Book your next appointment at La Unica Salon, accredited by the Australian Hairdressing Council and see why we’re,  ‘La Unica’ Spanish for unique. , | 02 9713 9010 and social media handle @LaUnicaSalon.
La Unica Salon attributes our sustainability to our ambassador Bix, our ethos of Art, Science and Nature ensures that we are committed to providing the highest quality when it comes to our hair care products and professional salon environment. Our salon products are organic, plant based and not tested on animals. We know that our products make the difference and we have 100% guarantee on all our products and services.

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