Personalised behaviour help

Personalised behaviour help is available

Online behaviour help

Get your behaviour question answered
or problems solved Dr Jo

Vet consult

A full face-to-face consult with Dr Jo to solve your pet's behaviour issue

Cat Toileting Book

Dr Jo's book Cat Toileting Problems Solved

Dog Behaviour EBooks

Solve your dog's behaviour problem with an ebook

More about each of these kinds of personalised behaviour help below...

Ask Dr Jo a question about your pet's behaviour or have a full behaviour consult:

  • Why does my cat pee in the bath?
  • How can I stop my dog barking?

Dr Jo will answer your question with a short response or conduct a full behaviour consult.

Dr Jo consults through vet clinics in Sydney. Please contact:

Consults typically last 90 mins and include a full written behaviour program.

Cat Toileting Problems Solved is a hard-copy book, written by animal behaviourist, Dr Jo Righetti. This is the most common cat behaviour problem and this book will help you understand just why your cat is urinating, defecating or spraying inappropriately.

If you have a problem with your dog barking, with their anxiety or with canine aggression, then animal behaviourist, Dr Jo Righetti, has written an ebook to help you understand. These are now available on Amazon.

More behaviour help for your pet with Dr Jo Righetti