Games to play with your parrot…

Parrot games

Parrots can be a playful as cats and dogs and enjoy some parrot games. Here are some games for your to play with your parrot…

1. Peekaboo

Hide behind your furniture or around the corner from your bird’s cage. Pop up and say “Peekaboo”. Don’t yell or jump out at first as you may scare your bird. If your bird talks then he might also say “Peekaboo”.

2. Fetch

Not only dogs like to play fetch but you can train your birds too. Get a small, light toy maybe one with a bell in it. Roll the ball towards your bird, gently so you don’t frighten it. Often birds will pick up the toy and throw it. When they do this make a big fuss and it will soon learn that this is a game.

Then you can start playing soccer where the bird rolls the ball around the floor.

Parrot games

3. Hide and Seek

Hide objects under a towel laid down on the floor. This can be played with dogs and cats too. Start by allowing your bird to see where you are hiding the objects which might be toys or even yourself. The bird will investigate cos they are inquisitive. The reward is the toy or you.

Remember though that some birds are afraid of towels as they are used to catch them for vet visits etc so go easy if your bird is afraid.

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Birds can get overexcited playing parrot games. Remember to calm it down again and don’t play games too close to bedtime or you will have your bird squawking all night long.

Enjoy your birds!

Parrot games

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