Do you live in an apartment with your pet?

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If you have lived successfully in an apartment with your pet, I’d love to hear from you. What do you think makes it work? Are there any difficulties?

NSW are revising their Strata Laws and this affects pet owners and those people who live in strata (apartments, units, flats etc) who would like to own pets. Read about the proposed changes. And here is the public document that you can have your say on (before May 27th). No light reading!

I live in a house (maybe because chickens don’t do so well in an apartment!) but I still have an interest in Strata laws. I see people who live in apartments and are trying to keep their pets quiet or stop their neighbours from complaining. These are good people who just want to enjoy their pets. I also see people who would love to have a pet of their own but cannot because their building does not allow this. Then there are the people who have to give up their pets when they move into pet-unfriendly accommodation!

Get into this century apartment owners and managers! Pets are good for us!

pets in apartments, strata laws

I speak regularly at City of Sydney strata workshops on two pets topics:

  • Strata Paws – where we give tips and advice on keeping pets happy in apartments
  • Petiquette – where we cover living in harmony with pets and people, settling disputes etc

These are always popular, as people want to do the right thing. The next Strata Paws is on May 24th.

So the bottom line is that we may have a default law that allows pets to be kept in apartments. This is good news for most people. However, we cannot take it for granted. If you feel strongly about this:

  • Have your say
  • Look after your pets (and make sure they don’t annoy anyone!)

Let us know your experiences with pets in apartments…


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