Novempurr – New Feline Health Awareness Month

Novempurr – New Feline Health Awareness Month

Novempurr is here!

Is your cat purring with good health? Novempurr is the time to take a look at your cat’s health and well-being and see if you could make improvements.

Two-thirds of cat owners (63%) are concerned about the health of their cat*. Purina One has partnered with Animal Welfare League Australia to announce the launch of Novempurr – an initiative that raises awareness of cat health and wellbeing. They are calling on cat owners to check-in on their cat’s health and learn the six visible signs of a healthy cat. The initiative is teaching cat owners about the small changes they can make, such as diet, that could make a visible difference in their cat’s health, now and in the future.

We often focus on human health-related issues and we have months that support these. Now it’s time for cats to be our focus. Eight million cat owners across Australia can now take a look at their cat’s wellbeing and try to improve overall health by making small changes such as diet.

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Novempurr – New Feline Health Awareness Month


Take part in Novempurr with your cat

To take part in Novempurr, cat owners simply sign up to the Purina One 21 Day Program, complete a pre-health evaluation for their cat, and will receive a 150g sample to kick-start their journey. After completing the transition from their cat’s current food to Purina One, the 21 Day Program begins. Cat owners could see a visible difference in their cat’s health week by week, including higher levels of energy, a healthier digestion, healthier skin, a shinier coat and brighter eyes.
You can take part by signing up at


Novempurr – New Feline Health Awareness Month

Participants who take part in the Purina One 21 Day Program will receive:

  • Pre- and post-health evaluation results for their cat;
  • A free 150g sample pack to aid the transition from their cat’s current food to Purina One;
  • Weekly emails to support them through the Purina One 21 Day Program, with reminders on what visible differences they could see each week;
  • Exclusive articles and tips each week, when they log in to their Purina One 21 Day Dashboard.



What results could you see from the Purina One 21 Day Program? 

  • Week 1: You could see higher levels of energy and vitality
  • Week 2: You could see a healthier digestion, with real meat and other high-quality, wholesome ingredients aiding high nutrient absorption.
  • Week 3: You could see healthy skin, a shiny coat and bright eyes, thanks to the Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals


Novempurr – New Feline Health Awareness Month
Dr Simone from AWLA and Purina/AWLA Ambassador Dr Jo

The 6 Visible Signs of Cat Health

  1. Body Condition
    You should be able to observe a “waist” behind the ribs when your cat is viewed from above. A loss of wasit may indicate your cat is overweight. Muscle loss may diminish physical strength.
  2. Digestion
    Your cat should be able to digest their food and you can judge this by their stools. Small firm stools are a sign that better nutrition is making a difference inside your pet and less of the food is passing through as waste.
  3. Skin, coat & eyes
    Healthy skin and a shiny, well-groomed coat not only enhances your pet’s appearance, it makes your pet feel more comfortable and less prone to skin irritation and external parasites.
    Clear, bright eyes which are free of discharge are also a sign that your pet is feeling their best.
  4. Immune system
    Healthy pets are usually alert, curious about their environment, and anything new they might encounter. They have a good appetite and keep themselves well groomed. It can be difficult to tell if your pet’s immune system is working well but the following indicate a healthy pet:
  • Sleek, shiny coat
  • Active and energetic
  • Clear, bright eyes
  • Alert posture
  • Normally healthy, supple skin
  • Healthy gums
  • Easy breathing
  • Strong muscles,
  • Resistance to disease
  1. Dental health
    Healthy teeth and gums and the ability to effectively chew food is a vital pre-condition for digestion. Check your cat regularly for signs of plaque and tartar build-up and see your veterinarian on a routine basis for examination and cleaning, if necessary.
  2. Bone and joint health
    To stay healthy, bones and joints need a constant supply of nutrients including protein, water, and minerals like calcium and phosphorous. Here are some signs that may help identify bone and joint health:
  • Normal range of motion and flexibility
  • Correct feline posture or stance
  • Ability to perform routine tasks or movements, i.e. climb stairs, jump up or down, play
  • Continued ability and interest in play and/or exercise.


Novempurr – New Feline Health Awareness Month

Novempurr on social media

Novempurr on social media – Win A Year’s Supply of Purina One
Cat owners can also participate in Novempurr by uploading an image of their cat to Instagram by 30 November, featuring Purina One cat food and tagging @purinaaustralia, #purinaone21days and #novempurr. Entrants simply need to state why they are taking part in the Purina One 21 Day Program this Novempurr, to be in with a chance of winning a year’s supply of Purina One cat food. See for prize details and T&C’s.

More about Novempurr…

About Purina One
Purina One is a super-premium dry cat food. Combining over 85 years of pet care innovation from their leading nutritional experts globally, the Purina One range is prepared with tasty, high quality ingredients, providing advanced nutrition that helps support your cat’s health today and tomorrow. Feeding Purina One daily helps build the six visible signs of health, and the appealing taste ensures they complete and enjoy every bowl. More info at

About Animal Welfare League Australia
Animal Welfare League Australia (AWLA) is a non-profit organisation and registered charity caring for companion animals across the nation. Its member organisations offer rescue, rehoming, foster- care and health-care services to more than 55,000 animals a year. Together, these organisations have more than 300 years’ combined experience of helping animals in need. For more details about Animal Welfare League Australia and the available cats its members keep healthy with the generous assistance of Purina One, please visit: 

*Research Source: Ergo Strategy Purina Cat Food Usage & Attitudes Research 2017 – conducted in April 2017. n=5,501

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