A new pet in the family?

Adding a furry family member can be one of the most exciting times of your life. Or it can be fraught with difficulty. Misbehaving pups, cantankerous cats and what if you absolutely LOVE your new addition but the rest of your human – or pet – family are lukewarm?!
Here are some resources to help you introduce your new four-legged family friend…

Be prepared
I always believe that preparation is the key. Acquire your pet when you are ready to put in the work. Negotiate with the human members of the family which pet you all want. Take into account your other pets. Make a careful selection. Here are some tips on how to select the best pet for your lifestyle:
Choosing a dog
Choosing a cat
Choosing a pet 4 life

Patience is a virtue

The best relationships take time to build, to maintain and to nurture. Here’s what Ally Feiam, writing for My Deal about Easy Ways To Make Your Pet Feel Like Part Of The Family said…

It’s expected that introducing your fur baby into your home may cause some issues. It takes time for your pet to settle in and learn the basics; where to go to the toilet, where to sleep etc. so it’s important to stay patient. They’re just babies after all! Dr Jo Righetti from Pet Problems Solved assures that good things happens to those who wait. “Be prepared and be patient. Go at the pet’s pace and don’t expect love at first sight, although it could very well happen!” She says, ‘A good relationship, however, often take times to build. Work your way into your pet’s heart by taking care of their needs and offering what they love most. Pets have a way of working their way from your backyard, into your home, onto your sofa, your lap, your bed and into your heart!” You can learn all about solving any pet issues you may have by following Dr Jo’s Facebook.
More tips here

Multi-pet households
While pets can get along famously well with other animals in the household, it can be best to go gradually and make all introductions as positive as possible. I have been doing a series of podcasts with Cathy Beer from Pets4Life about introducing cats and dogs (and puppies and kittens) to other family members.
Episode one: How to introduce a second dog or puppy to your existing dog

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